Monday, December 28, 2009

It Wouldn't Be Christmas Without...

*A visit to Santa:

*Aunt Erin capturing the most amazing photos:

*Presents, presents, presents!:

*Family love:

*Trying out new toys:

*An angel in the church Christmas pageant singing beautifully (and picking her nose)


Merry Christmas, All! Love, The McClinton Clan

Monday, December 21, 2009


Since I was sort of in and out of sleep last Christmas, for all intensive purposes, we can call this year my first Christmas experience. And there really isn't anything quite like it! The whole world is magical, and not just for one day, but for a whole month!

So far this month, we have...
*tried to open the presents under the tree (Sister had success, I keep getting caught)
*been to our annual Rowdy Rebel playgroup Christmas party
*Made ornaments and decorated cookies at our craft day (Don't be surprised if many of you see them under the tree this year)
*Watched Sister's first ever ballet performance (Mommy cried a little to think of how big she's gotten, Nana came and surprised Avery, and I sat like such a good girl. There's a video in the link, and Mommy says not to tell you that the entire performance was enhanced by some leotard eating and nose picking sessions by Sister...)
*Went to the Kid's Crazy Christmas Breakfast and Puppet Show at Nana and DD's church (WOW! WOW! WOW!)
*Hung out with DD one day while Mommy got to go to Avery's Class Party

We're not even to Christmas Day yet, but already I can say that I love Christmas!
Kate So This Is Christmas?!? McClinton

Monday, December 14, 2009

Meeting Santa

For the last two years, I've kept my distance from the Jolly Old Man. I wasn't interested in coming down the stairs in my own house until I was sure that he had left after delivering the presents.

But this year, I'm starting to understand that I need to let Santa know what I want for Christmas so he can get me just the right presents.

We had a party at church on Wednesday night, and... Santa stopped by! He was loud and jovial, and so I clung to Daddy and didn't quite have the bravery it takes to sit on his lap and tell him what I wanted. I've been telling Mommy I want a Barbie from Santa, but when he gave me my present, I was surprised to find baby doll stuff instead!

Mommy said maybe next week we'll go see Santa at the mall. She said he's not so excited when he's not at a party and then I can sit on his lap and give him my "Santa" wish list:
a Barbie
a train set
"one of those things where you stand on it and use one leg" ("a scooter?" "yes, Mommy. And Santa will bring me one with Snow White on it.")

Until then, hopefully Santa is a mind reader because I certainly didn't share my wish list with him Wednesday!

Avery "Santa Stranger Danger" McClinton

PS - We mailed out our Christmas cards this weekend, so, in true McClinton tradition, we've included the outtakes in our weekly pictures.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Regarding Avery

A few thoughts about our precious oldest daughter...

*She's into sticking made up words into sentences right now. We think it's because she watches Dora and thinks it's normal to have random words you don't understand stuck into conversations. Her most frequent word is "mizzapihza", often said in reference to someone, as a silly exclamation, and always before saying "amen" while praying.

*She's developed this whole new sense of humor in the last month or two. For one, she learned the "why" game from our friends Summer and Alyssa and can barely hold herself upright from laughter when she plays it. For example:
Avery: "Nana, ask me a question and I will say 'why'."
Nana: "Avery, did you have fun tonight?"
Avery: (giggling) "Why?"
Nana: "Avery, what's your favorite color?"
Avery: (laughing harder) "Why?"
Nana: "Where are we going?"
Avery: "Why?"
Uncontrollable laughter.

*Another new development, to be filed under the Sense of Humor heading, is that when Nana calls on the phone, Avery likes to ask to speak with her. When Avery is handed the phone, she will yell random words like door knob, face, and a new favorite, linoleum. Sometimes Avery gets to yell upwards of 10 words at Nana in any given conversation.

*And yet another Sense of Humor item: When leaving anyone behind, Avery says, "I'm leaving you now", and the other person is expected to them break down in (fake) tears and beg her not to leave. She's a barrel of laughs!

*Lastly, and on a more serious note, I am starting to see so much of me in Avery that it is really unsettling at times. There are moments when I look down at her and am taken aback at how much I feel like I am looking in some weird time-travel mirror. Plus, her spirit, both the fierce and loving parts of it, reflect back to me so many of my childhood memories. Below is an email I sent my mom the week before Thanksgiving about the matter:

I just dropped Avery off at preschool and I had the most wonderful full circle experience.

Some of the most vivid (and best) memories I have from my school days were taking the random roses and cookies to my teachers. As an adult, I don't remember why it was so special, I just remember that it was.
So I made cookies for Avery's teachers for their Thanksgiving 'gift'. I let Avery carry anything in that is different or new for school, so I handed them to her as we pulled in the drive thru. As the teacher opened the door, she started oohing and aahing over the packages Avery had and then the other teachers outside stepped in and carried on about the presents and how much her teachers would like them, etc. She told the teachers what they were and they oohed and aahed some more.

Depending on when a child is dropped off, they either walk straight inside or wait on the bench for more friends, and this time Avery was the first to the bench and climbed up, put her cookies next to her, and beamed as she patted them. It was almost an out of body experience for me to watch her face portray those same proud feelings I remember so well - the feeling that you have something to give that is worth the giving. She glowed and I couldn't believe how poignant of a moment that was for me. Some of the best experiences you were able to give me growing up may have seemed so small, and now I'm here, able to give them to my daughter, and to get to watch it take place on her face was nothing short of glorious for me.

(AND YES, It snowed this weekend! Couple that with a week long birthday celebration for my 30th and it was one amazing weekend.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Means...

Some people think of turkey and pie when they think of Thanksgiving. I forgot to eat real food this holiday, so turkey isn't really what Thanksgiving means to me. To me, Thanksgiving means...

*SUGAR RUSH! I had desserts, desserts, and more desserts! Yum!
*Being spoiled with love, attention, and sugar by my Mimi, Nanny and Nana.
*No sleep! (Maybe because of the sugar?)
*Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Grandparents! Family is bliss!
*Playing during an Aggie game and getting caught up in the excitement.
*Christmas decorating. I keep asking if I can open my presents now. A month's wait is too much!


Avery Sugar McClinton

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Houston, We Have A Climber!

Dear Mommy,

Please stop calling me "the baby". I am 13 months old. I climb all over everything. I walk, I play 'big girl' games, I feed myself, I even know how to escape from hotel rooms. I am trying everything I can to show you that I am not a baby anymore. I've even started using my words! ("Mama", "Da", "Bebe", "Whoowhoo" for my lovey and even "A-Bree"!) So, please, opt for one of my many other nicknames, but just not 'the baby' anymore!

And while I have your attention, no other lovey will do. It's the puppy lovey or it's screaming. And yes, I know a difference, even in the dark. And when we used to play the hot and cold game with my pacis where I would hide them and then scream until you found them, I never thought you'd just stop looking. I'd like them back, please. I don't like going to sleep without them!

I'm glad we've cleared everything up.


Katie (NOT "the baby") Beth

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Elegant Weekend

Fancy Nancy went to a posh hotel once (in Bonjour, Butterfly). She said that going to a fancy hotel is extraordinary.

You know something? Fancy Nancy is right! Nana and Mommy went to a Women of Faith conference this weekend, and DD, Daddy, Kate and I joined them downtown for some fun. We stayed at a posh hotel with glass elevators that went all the way up to the 30th floor! I also loved the chandeliers ("Mommy, those chandeliers look like jewelry."), the fancy soaps in our rooms, and the escalators in the lobby. I was living the high life!

While Nana and Mommy were busy during the day, DD and Daddy took us to Disney on Ice. I loved every part of it. I even told DD that this one was better than the last!

It was 'quite elegant' like my good pal Fancy Nancy says.

Thanks, Nana and DD, for my elegant weekend!

And check out what Katie learned to do:

Avery Fancy Nancy McClinton

Monday, November 9, 2009

Pirate Party!

I threw a party for my Daddy's 30th birthday. Turning 30 is big stuff, so I planned a very special party for him. At first, I thought I would do a princess theme for him, but once Mommy reminded me that he is a boy, I changed it to a pirate party. I've been working on it and looking forward to it all week, and when my guests started to arrive, I was beside myself with excitement.

We had so much fun! We played Pin The Treasure On The Map and had a pinata! We also ate a pirate cake (Mommy made it but I picked out what it should look like), and I got to decorate cupcakes with special toppers I chose all by myself.

It was such a special night to celebrate a special man! I love you, Pirate Daddy!


Love, Pirate Avery

Monday, November 2, 2009

It's My Party and I'll Cry If I Want To...

I've witnessed parties before. In fact, as a guest, I quite like them. There's food, friends, and cake! But when my first birthday party came, I wasn't so sure I liked being the guest of honor.

All these people kept looking at me and talking to me and I was just sleepy, sleepy, sleepy. And grumpy. After I had some birthday food, I was ready to at least look around at all of my friends and all of the fun: riding toys, a slide, a tunnel DD built for me... I have to admit, it was pretty fun!

One thing no one told me, though, is that I'd have to sit in my high chair all by myself while everyone looked at me and sang. At first, I was embarrassed, then I was sad. But when I realized, finally, that the cake was all mine and the singing had stopped, WOW! All that sugary goodness just for me?!? And no one to stop me??? This party thing isn't such a bad idea after all! (As a side note, while everyone was singing to me and I was trying to fade into my high chair, Sister was busy sticking her muddy feet on the table, dancing around, and otherwise begging for the attention to be transferred to her.)

Something I completely understand is the present opening. I loved tearing into the gifts and hugged my new babies, read my new books, open and closed my singing cards, and squealed with delight over each and every toy.

I especially liked clean up time. I seemed to come to life when everyone went home and Mommy and Daddy were busy cleaning up. Mommy says when I get old enough to say no to parties, she'll listen. Until then, we'll keep celebrating Mommy-style.

CLICK HERE FOR PICTURES from the party and Halloween celebrations

(Sister "helped" Mommy on the computer this morning and when Mommy reclaimed the screen, a few favorite pics had been deleted into the nothingness of cyberspace. She'll try to find them before next week, but for now, these are the ones that survived.:))
Kate "Is It Over Yet?" McClinton

Monday, October 26, 2009

Kate Elizabeth and other things

(Mommy says:)

First things first, Katie Beth turned one last Friday. To say this past year has been surprisingly joyful would be an understatement.

When we found out we were having another girl, a part of me honestly wondered how in the world a girl would fit in with Avery, who seems to fill every space with life and energy. Oh how Kate has answered the call.

Instead of what I expected (another boisterous sister vying for attention with over the top shenanigans), Kate has carved out a space in our family with gentleness, quietness, and just a hint of quirkiness. From her tiny little birth size to her own understated way of doing everything, Katie has filled our hearts with a new kind of love and a new kind of joy.

Really, to write a post that is fitting this precious child is impossible. There are no words that are adequate to describe the way I fall in love with her every time I get a glimpse of her, or the way she balances vitality with calm, or the way I look forward to racing to her room in the mornings to get another Katie hug. She is everything I never knew I wanted but that now I cannot imagine life without. She has surprised us with her ability to bring even more joy, even more adoration, and even more life into our home.

Katie Beth, we absolutely adore you. You make our world a better place and you make me want to be better for you. Happy birthday, little pumpkin.

And, as if there is anything that could add to a post about our little lady, we also had a full weekend on other counts:

We made our first fondant covered cake (translation: Jordan made our first fondant covered cake while I looked on with support).

Jordan raced his first triathlon and did swimmingly (haha) in the first leg. 14th out of 55 in his age range for the swim leg!

Avery and her adorers saw Mary Poppins on broadway. Kate spent the day with a babysitter (the first time we've ever left a child with a babysitter!) and loved every minute of her time with Bailee.

And we had our annual Rowdy Rebel Halloween party with a new addition: structured games! It was so much fun and my favorite part was the impromptu foot races. Good times.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

How To Get Attention in 10 Easy Steps

(Or: Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better)

By Katie Beth

1. Start at your 9 month check up, gaining less weight than desired.

2. Three weeks before your desired day of attention, begin sporting 103.5 temperatures, off and on, with no real reason and no side effects.

3. Baffle doctors when Mom takes you in after 2 weeks of this.

4. And this is important, choose a weekend full of big plans, most of which you'd be certain to be a spectator rather than a participant.

5. That particular weekend, shoot the fever up to an all time high.

6. This should result in a baffled Mommy and Daddy and a full day at the doctor's office (if possible, plan this for a Saturday, so as to cancel the family trip to Dewberry Farm).

7. Make sure your white blood count is up.

8. (This is where the first step factors in.) Your tiny size, coupled with your elevated white blood count and inexplicable high temperature, will be sure to get your doctors worried. The most important part, step 8, is to make sure this all happens on a Sunday, when there is no other choice but to go straight to the ER.

9. If at all possible, coordinate with the doctor to call Daddy with this news right before he goes on to lead worship for the first time ever.

10. Since Daddy isn't immediately available, Mommy and DD will come along with you to the ER. Daddy will join you after he plays his music, giving you 3 adults, trapped for 6.5 hours, in a tiny room with nothing to do but lavish attention on you. (It's polite to think of Sister, too - make sure her Nana can take her to her first ever Tea Party and provide her with a day of fun.)

Bonus Step: If somehow you notice Sister regains control of the attention when you return home, you can finish the night with a 45 minute scream fest resulting from excessive constipation.

Yes, you will be poked and prodded and stuck and x-rayed, but those are small prices to pay for the sympathy, love, and special treatment you receive. And, I haven't proven this yet, but I suspect that the week following a traumatic series of events such as these will be full of more sympathy, more love, and more special treatment.

CLICK HERE FOR PICTURES OF THE WEEK (including well and sick days)

Sister may have made a trip to the ER, but I think I've got her beat. Go ahead, Avery. Anything you can do, I can do better!

Monday, October 12, 2009

State Fair of Texas

What a week this has been! It started out not-so-good for poor Katie, who sported a 103.5 fever with an un-diagnosable virus. Luckily for me, school and Miss Emilee kept me from being a prisoner of boredom while sister was ill. Miss Emilee picked me up and took me to playgroup on Tuesday with Hannah and Abigail. Man, was that fun!

Luckily, by the time we headed to Dallas for the State Fair of Texas, we were all healthy and excited! At the fair, we visited a petting zoo (with MEAN ostriches that Mommy watched peck a little girl's face once - we stayed away from them!), watched dancers, visited the auto show, and rode a carousel and the Sky Tram with Mimi. We had lots of wonderful family time, and indulged in many fair treats. I loved the cotton candy, Katie preferred the chocolate covered strawberries, and Mommy and Daddy tried some of the bizarre fried foods - fried s'mores and fried butter!

While we were away, Oscar stayed with my friend Tyler and Dottie stayed with my friends Cole and Chase. They sent us letters from their vacations, and they're too funny! Keep reading to see what Miss Ella and Miss Steph translated for them.

(Mommy is always so thankful to Nana and DD and Aunt Erin for sharing their pictures with us. This is a compilation of the collective pictures from the weekend.)

Avery Big Tex McClinton

Dear Mom (aka Ms. Angela),
Greetings from Camp Coco-ee! How's your weekend trip? I've had a blast, and Ella says I've adjusted surprisingly well! {Pats on the back.} Top ten things I learned while I was here...

1. Ella says I have exactly three moods: Cautiously excited, Excited, and Super Excited. Which results in non-stop tail-wagging.
2. My tail and toenails are teaming up to audition for 'Stomp.' They create amazing beats against my cage, wood floors, legs, doorways... you name it, they make a beat with it.
3. I harmonize impressively well with Chester. His barking + my howling = dog music bliss.
4. I have sleep apnea. Oh, and awake apnea. I snort and snore and make funny squeaky noises. At one point, Ella peeked in Cole's room during naptime thinking he was playing around, but it turned out to be me, doing an impressive job of throwing squeaky noises across the room. On the plus side, Chester and I got to go potty at 3 a.m! (Super excited tail wags for that!) Ella thought I was whining but she figured out later that I was just doing the apnea thing.
5. I'm a total people pleaser. Ella thought I was genuinely always happy until Cole held me in his lap a while and made my ears stand on end. My tail continued to wag nonstop, and she recognized my people-pleasing ways. She recommends Gentle Lessons from a Recovering People Pleaser, by Alice McDowell.
6. I LOVE dog treats and can beat Chester in a faux-bacon-strip-eating contest hands down, every time. (By the way, I have lots of dog food left but am all out of dog treats. That's just the way of the Hearrean household.)
7. Ella laughs every time I try to be incognito. Apparently hunching down really low to the ground and avoiding eye contact with Chase doesn't do much. I have to work on this.
8. Unfortunately, Chester and I both have the same love language: physical touch. And we both want it from the same person: Ella. So we spend the entire day pushing the other out of her lap or away from her leg (a la roller derby.) Which leads to lots of tripping (on Ella's part) and a couple of head injuries (on our parts.)
9. I've met the cats and dad is right. They're "mangey." Except the big long-haired fat cat, but he's the neighbor and steals all the food.
10. I miss Avery and Kate! I mean yeah, it's been a nice break from their annoying ways, but the kid over here-- Cole-- is a little weird. He insisted on decorating my cage with all his toys, and so every few hours, a teether or plastic wrench falls through the cage bars and litters my sacred space. Very odd.

Miss you! See you tomorrow!
Many tail wags,

Dear Mommy (Angela)-

This is the coolest place ever! The master over here (Stephanie) is so nice! Dottie and I had to mark our place right after you left us. It was fun seeing Stephanie clean up poop and pee :) I want to be everywhere she is all the time - even when sleeping! She moves a lot and always bumps into me while sleeping. Can't that girl stay still? I was comfortable! I am even the king of the bed, the other dog here let me be on the bed and he slept on the floor - haha, sucker! I even took over his food and I told him he can have my food. The only annoying thing is the kid here, Tyler. He is ALWAYS calling my name, he wants me to do that, go here, sit on his lap, stay here and all sorts of stuff. I torture the kid by sitting on his lap and getting off. He always cries when I leave and I think it is funny! Even though I am having so much fun I miss you and can't wait to see you tomorrow!



Sunday, October 4, 2009

Welcome, Fall!

We welcomed fall this week with a trip to the pumpkin patch, a carnival at my school, and some good, comfortable playtime outside.

On the way home from St. Peter's Family Fall Festival, I was telling Mommy about the clown we saw in the "bestibul". Mommy was so confused about why we were talking about vegetables, and finally thought she had it figured out:
Mommy:"OH! You mean the clown was close to where you are growing vegetables in your classroom's garden?"
Me: "No, Mommy. But I love you anyway."

Later, I told Nana and Aunt Amanda about seeing the clown at the bestibul, and they both understood me right away - the festival!


Avery Bestibul Queen McClinton

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Nana and DD's House

This week, I got to spend some time at Nana and DD's house while Mommy and Daddy had their date night. While I was there, I was busy, busy. I practiced my demi "pwea-As" (pleas) and tried to get Kate to eat at the tea party correctly. She is so naughty! She eats the cardboard and throws the food on the floor. I tried to talk DD into a swim in the pool first thing in the morning, but settled for a wagon ride instead.
I didn't sleep much, though. When Kate cried very late one night and I met Nana in the hallway to check on her, DD jokingly said, "Well, why don't we all go downstairs and watch some TV since we're all awake?" I took his hand, smiled, and said, "That sounds wike a good idea. I haven't been downstairs in a while."
I also got to eat my first ever Dairy Queen treat - a chocolate covered ice cream cone. Yum!

Avery Busy, Busy McClinton


PS - I also helped Daddy run some errands, and when a car pulled out in front of him, he mumbled something to them. Later on, I helped him out! Another car did the same thing, and I yelled, "Come on, Midions!" Daddy thinks I heard him call the other car idiots. Sorry for telling on you, Daddy! :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Park Day and Date Night

I took Sister to the park on Friday. She usually can't get down at the park because she likes to eat the mulch or rocks. But at Mary Jo Peckham, there isn't anything for her to eat! She got to crawl around, and I think the park is her new wonderland. She climbed the structures, slid down the slides, and squealed with delight the entire time. I got so excited watching her, I sometimes would slide down right on top of her. It was magnificent (that's a fancy word for fun).

Friday night I got to have my date night with Mommy and Daddy. We started with shrimp with Nana and DD and Katie. Daddy taught me a new trick with oranges and lemons. Then, off we went to Katy Mills so I could spend all of the coins in my Tink bank. Mommy and Daddy said this month's date was a 'cheap' date, but I couldn't believe all the fun you can have with $15 in coins! I rode the carousel and the train, put a bunch of pennies down the well, and hung out at Bass Pro Shop. When my date was over, though, I had to tell DD, "This was so sad of a night." Some of the coin operated machines weren't working, and the little claw game was too hard to win, and the ice cream shop we tried to go to wasn't open. Mommy had a long talk with me after that about focusing on the good parts of life. I just call it like I see it.


Avery Call It Like It Is McClinton

PS - Kate's new tricks this week:
"Ooo, Ooo" (what a dog says - it really sounds sort of like a bark. A girl dog bark.)
Climbing down stairs
Biting friends (oh, right, that's an old trick. She's just honing those skills.)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Important Things

So many important things have been going on in the last few weeks!

I started school on my birthday. I go two days a week now instead of just one like last year. I walk into the building with my friends and my teacher instead of having Mommy drop me off. I act like it's no big thing. I'm so lucky because I have my friends Hannah and Jackson in my class. I really like my teachers, Ms. Michelle and Ms. Barbara, and I love playing playdough and motor skills and a new place called chapel. Some days, I tell Mama some things about my day, but other times, I just tell her, "I don't want to tell you anything about it." And that's that.

For my birthday, I got to start going to dance lessons at Adamsons Ballet School. I went for the first time this week, and at first I had to make sure everyone noticed me by crying and carrying on. Once I started participating, though, I loved every second of it, and the first thing I said to Mommy when time was up was, "Can I please come back here again soon?" The only thing I wondered about was that Mommy told me I'd get to dance like So You Think You Can Dance and I didn't notice a stage at all. I asked Mommy where the stage was, and she promised me I'll dance on one in May!

Katie Beth is also growing really fast. Well, maybe not growing, as in gaining weight, but changing and learning, for sure. She learned how to stand all by herself lately, and then started taking a few steps (usually 3-5 at a time). She likes to sit in a big girl chair with me when she eats, too. She's also talking more, saying, "Wah-whoo?!" while she holds a phone to her ear, calling for Mama and Dada and DD and even sometimes flirting with Nana and calling her name.

We also went to lots more parties, fought off a cold, visited with Aunts and Uncles and the all important cousin, and swam a few last times.

And you know, now that I'm three, I've got this whole thing figured out.

For one, Daddy is really good at pancakes. And reminding Mommy of this when she's struggling to turn one over is known as perfect timing.
Daddy also has really big muscles. He uses them to carry heavy furniture, replace batteries, fix computers, and all sorts of other things.
My mommy, she's good at "wearing necklaces and cleaning tables". And, according to me, not much else. (But Mommy knows we're BFFs no matter what I say.)

Lots to say this week! Lots going on!
Dancing Queen Avery

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Princess Party!

On Friday I celebrated my birthday with my friends with a Princess Party. DD built me a castle and Daddy painted a puppet theater for me, Aunt Megan painted faces, and there were lots of other stations, too. My friends and I all dressed up and we played and played. Miss Ella brought my cake and it was spectacular - 3 tiers!

It was such a special day. And, of course, I added my own attitude... On the way to the party, I told Nana I wouldn't have time for her. "My friends will be wined (lined) up to see me," I explained. Afterwards, when Nana tried to hold my hand on the way home, I told her, "Nana, I have to tell you something. When you having a birthday... I too old to hold your hand." Of course, the next day, when Nana asked me again why I couldn't hold her hand, I grinned, grabbed her hand, and told her, "I still learning to be older."

Avery Learning to Be Older McClinton

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

I love celebrating my birthday! It started on Friday when I had my date with Mommy and Daddy. I got to choose, and I picked Chuck E. Cheese (I told Mommy, "I don't like Chuck E. Cheese, but I like his place.")

Today, I got breakfast in bed before church and then we had a party at Nana and DD's house! Mommy asked several times before planning my party what I wanted my theme to be, and over and over again, I told her I wanted princesses. Well, as soon as she committed to that theme, she overheard me telling Nana one day that I wanted a Yo Gabba Gabba birthday party. Thankfully, Nana thought fast and said she'd plan a Yo Gabba Gabba party for her house. It was perfect! Toodee, Foofa, Brobee, and Plex were all there (if you don't know who I'm talking about, you're luckier than Mommy and Daddy!) We ate lunch, opened presents, each of us got a goody bag, and blew out candles on the cake (I told Mommy, "It's about to get intense!").

My playgroup friends had birthday celebrations this week too; I enjoyed a Spiderman Pool Party with Hunter and a Super Hero party with Jackson too!


Birthday Girl Avery

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Practically Perfect in Every Way

I'm learning new things as I celebrate 10 months of life. I'm sort of over my first words ("Wow, Wow, Wow!"). I've moved on to a guttural growling noise when I'm frustrated or, my current favorite, "Bah", meaning Baby or Bye Bye. Very versatile.

My most reliable trick, and easily the trick that gets me most attention, is that anytime I hear the word "kiss", I pucker up and kiss! The whole family goes crazy for it. I eat it up. I "kissy face" anytime I see Mom's face cloud with frustration. It works like a charm!

And we've been spending a lot of time at the doctor this week.

Sister went in for her 3 year check up. Dr. Clarke told her everything looks great, and she measured in the 50% for height and weight. She didn't even have to get any shots, but Dr. Clarke has it out for me, because he looked over at me and offered to give me my flu shot. Mom obliged! We went in for an appointment for Sister and I somehow got the shot?!? An outrage.

I also visited a Pediatric Orthopedist, got an x-ray, and was thoroughly examined since I drag my right leg when I crawl. The diagnosis? Nothing is wrong. The doctor went so far as to say it was silly that we were referred to him. Thanks for the validation, sir.

So essentially, we spent a lot of time at the doctors' offices this week to find out we are Practically Perfect in Every Way.
Just call us the Poppins Sisters.



Love, Katie Poppins

Thursday, August 20, 2009

9 Month Pictures (And Precious Family Pics, Too)

Well, she did it again.

Our close friend and AMAZING photographer took what felt like a frenzied session with our girls and turned it into eye candy.

Kate and Avery had a photo session with Kristin in honor of Katie's 9 month birthday. Avery was in, ahem, a special mood and Katie, while precious, never stopped moving. And yet, Kristin once again took beautiful photos that we'll cherish forever.

(We also had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot with my extended family while everyone was together last weekend. Scroll down one post to see those as well.)

We love you, Kristin! Thank you!

Click here to visit Kristin's Photography blog to see the pics!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Crash! Boom! Bang!

After almost 3 years of relatively uneventful life (as far as injuries go, anyway), I decided to give my family a three-for-one deal this week.

A week ago Wednesday, I was eating lunch at Nana and DD's, did a twirl in my chair, offset its balance, and went down with it. I was ok (I ended up facing the chair back on the way down, so only my fingers got smooshed), but Nana and DD's window was shattered. The chair hit the window on the way down, and the force was enough to shatter the window pane into many, many tiny pieces. Mommy thought she'd had her scare for the week...

On Saturday, at Schlitterbahn, I fell and hit my head (my head caught my fall). It took a full 30 minutes to stop the crying (very rare!) and then another half day before I felt good enough to act like myself. Mommy stood corrected - that must have been the scare of the week...

Well, this last Tuesday, I was so angry with Mommy for trying to fix my Dress Chica game that I began a monumental fit. It lasted the car ride home, through unloading, and while Mommy took Kate up to put her in bed. I was so mad at being ignored (while Mommy was focusing on Kate) that I kicked the wall...repeatedly. Later, Mommy was able to piece together that a picture frame fell off of our decorator shelves and hit me below the eye, but all Mommy saw when she got back downstairs was her little Fire Cracker, covered in blood and screaming in pain. After a frantic call to Daddy and a wet washcloth to stop the bleeding, it was decided that a trip to the "special doctor" for a "fancy bandaid" was in order. I sat at the ER for 5 hours, waiting like a champ, and even though the lady said she numbed my eye, the way they held me down and the way they messed with my face was nothing short of traumatic. I survived, and Mommy, gladly, can say that 3 near-head-traumas in one week was the scare of the week.

I didn't let a little head injury stop me from having a great week, though. I splashed in the splash pad (yes, that's sort of against the rules for headwounds...), I played with Aunt Erin ("Erin is always fun!"), I helped with Nana and DD's fancy Mother's and Father's Day celebration dinner, I saw baby Amelia...



Massive Head Wound Harry Avery

Sunday, August 9, 2009


This weekend, we went to Schlitterbahn with our special family friends, the Laich family and the King family. It was a fun time! (Except when the Galveston water plant had a fire and we couldn't check into our hotel for 2 hours, when sister fell and bumped her head HARD and Mommy and Daddy worried about a concussion for half the day, and when someone pooped in the pool and closed down a section of Schlitterbahn.) Except for those things, of course.

We spent 2 days at the park, and Sister and Daddy rode big slides. Mommy and I bonded in the lazy river, the splash pad, and over a nap in the stroller. We also got to go to Rainforest Cafe, where Sister learned the hula (well, she learned 3 steps before getting intimidated and quitting) and became awestruck by the volcano on top of the restaurant.

Mommy and Daddy adore their friends and are so thankful for Year 2 of our newest McClinton family tradition: travel with friends. We kiddies all played so well together (yes, even me!), and Miss Shannon said yesterday when they got home, Alyssa looked up and asked, "Where's the rest of our family?" We may not be related, but those are some special friends!

Kate Water Bug McClinton

Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

7 Years...

4 Foreign Countries...

Honeymoon in Jamaica 8-02

Wales family trip 7-03


and England

2 "New" Houses...
Park Lane 03-07

Home, Sweet, Home
April 07

2 Dogs...

Oscar Mayer 3-03 (He used to be so cute, didn't he?)

Dottie Mae 10-03

10 States (besides home)...

Nashville, TN 2-04
Keystone, CO 3-03

Hawaii 6 & 7-04
Seattle, Washington 5-05

Alaska 5-05

Utah 12-05
North Carolina 7-07

US Virgin Islands 9-07

California 7-08

Florida 7-09

3 Graduations...
A&M December 2002

University of Houston-Downtown August 2006

Sam Houston State University August 2007

2 Kids...

Avery Leigh 8-31-06

Kate Elizabeth 10-08

More than I could have ever hoped for or dreamed of! Thank you, Mr. McClinton, for the very best 7 years of my life!