Monday, September 30, 2013

Not Every Home...

Not every home has a child that stays awake until 11 pm making her own worksheets to complete.

Not every home has a child who asks if we can decorate for Halloween and then proceeds to hang a scrap of purple tulle and a homemade paper lollipop on the fireplace.

And not every home sends their 2 year old to the grocery store to handle the shopping.

But this home does!

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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

First Days of Pre-School

This week, Kate started her first day of pre-school... her last first day of pre-school ever!  Next year she'll be off to Kindergarten, but for one more year we'll hold on to the beauty of shorter days, more playtime, and no homework.

On the same day, Reese started her very first day of pre-school ever.  She goes two days a week and had been really excited to go to "cass" or sometimes "cwass" like her big sisters.  Her Nana sent her a "new" backpack and she carried it all over the house, ready for her first day of school.  Even though she sometimes cries in the church nursery, Reese was all smiles at drop off on the first day.  She's a big girl, you know, like her big sisters, so this is just what big girls do...  Or so it seems she was thinking...

After the first day, I asked Kate, "How was your day?"

Her response: "Good.  Sally didn't like Susie's shoes, so she treated her mean.  But it's okay because she liked my water bottle so she was nice to me."  (Names changed, of course)

I asked Reese the same question.  It went like this:

"Reese, did you have a good day?"
"Uh huh!  Cwass!"
"What did you play?"
"Playground.  Cry."
"You cried on the playground?"
"Uh huh.  Daddy."
"So you missed Daddy on the playground?  But did you have a fun day besides that?"
"Uh huh.  Friends."
"Oh baby, I'm glad you made new friends.  What are their names?"
"Stinky?  Really?  You made a friend named Stinky?"
"Uh huh.  And Josh."

First day of school - check.  Kid's unique perspective on the day - check.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Don't Leave the Toddler Unattended...

...or she might find a permanent marker... and her sister's 2nd grade homework.

...or you might be strapping her into her carseat, ready to head home... and realize that she's not wearing her underwear.  Then you might go back into the church's restroom and find the underwear on the floor, where she left them.

...or she might give the washcloth a "bath" in the sink, nearly overflowing it with bubbles.

...or you might find her hiding in the back corner of her closet, Avery's brand new jewel stickers covering her body.

...or your four-year-old might screech and run downstairs, yelling, "Ree Ree used up all of my body glitter!"  And sure enough, Ree Ree will then follow down the stairs, sparkling with glitter from head to toe.

...or you might find her toys decapitated.  She'll say, "Josh did it," but you'll know from the teeth marks that Josh was not to blame.

...or she might decide it's time for candy... NOW... while you're paying for clothes at the mall... and then she might open a bottle of powdery candy that might dust the floor of the store.

...or she might use your actual silverware to pick up an actual dead gecko and put in the toilet.  And then she might actually put those spoons back into the clean silverware drawer.

...or she might decide she doesn't want dinner, and throw her noodles on the floor.

...or she might decide she no longer sleeps alone and find her way down to your bed.  And she might be too cute to remove her.

...or you might notice some white globs on your dog's head.  And then you might notice that the toddler has her sister's craft glue.

...or you might find a random piece of cheese in her hair.  You know, in case she's hungry later.

...or she might try to run away when Nana and D leave, finding her way out the doggie door and to the furthest corner of the fence.

...or you might find her playing the piano.  Nude.

...or she might help herself to a snack of frozen celery.  Eaten with scissors.

You know, it's probably safest to follow this one simple rule: Don't leave the toddler unattended.

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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Full Circle

Full Circle (adverb): through a series of developments that lead back to the original source, position, or situation or to a complete reversal of the original position —usually used in the phrase come full circle

It's been a full circle experience around here.  

I taught second grade at a brand new school in Katy ISD for three years.  The school was like family to me; the environment was overwhelmingly loving and welcoming.

When I had a precious baby girl 7 years ago, I stopped working at the school.  I lived nowhere near the attendance boundary lines of said school, so I expected that would be it for me.

Until we moved this summer.  Into a home that attends the same school that I used to teach in.

And then, I walked my baby girl into her second grade classroom.  The same classroom I used to teach in.  

The school is still overwhelmingly friendly.  The teachers and staff still treat each other like family.  Parents are still welcomed, respected... loved, even.  It's still the absolute perfect fit for our family.

Except this time, I'm the one leaving a student.  I'm walking out the door as the bell rings rather than setting up to teach.

Life comes full circle.  

And we are blessed.

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Monday, September 2, 2013

My Birthday

First, my birthday party was fun.  We made rock pets, pipe cleaner pets, canvas painting, tie dye bags.  We went outside on a huge bedsheet and splatter painted.  We gave everyone aprons to wear.  My cake was pretty.

Then it was my real birthday.  I went to U
-Swirl with Nonnie and ate frozen yogurt.  And got a sketch pad.  Then we went to paint pottery.  It was fun.  I painted a mermaid.  And Kate painted Jasmine.  Then we went to Nana's house and opened presents.  It was cool.  The best present I got was tie dye soap kit and my American Girl doll.  My other favorite was my guitar.  We went to The Aquarium and ate at the shark reef.  They were adding a zebra shark.  It was cool.  I had a cupcake with chocolate writing on the plate that said, "Happy Birthday Avery!"

I went to the American Girl Doll Store and bought a Sweet Savannah dress that matches mine.  And we ate at the cafe and had high tea.  I went there with Nana and DD and Kate.

(Told by Avery, Typed by Mom)

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