Monday, October 27, 2008

Kate is Here!

Hey family,

It's been pretty crazy since I last wrote. After naptime on Thursday, I got all dressed up and headed to meet sister Kate. I instantly loved her, making my silly half-giggle noises and wanting to compare our eyes, nose, fingers... Even though there are bound to be some hard days ahead as I learn my new place, most of all I just love Baby Kate.

I stayed with Nana and Granddaddy while Mom was in the hospital, and was going to come home for good with the family on Saturday. I did get to go to the hospital in another adorable dress and escort Kate home in our side by side carseats, but I wasn't acting like myself and was running a slight fever, so even though Mommy thought it might be because of teething, everyone agreed it'd be better for me to spend one more day with Nana and DD. It's a good thing, too! Turns out I had a stomach bug and wasn't feeling so well all day Sunday. Nana and DD took amazing care of me, but I still missed Baby Kate, asking about her once I started feeling better. I'm on the mend now, but it has been a very different weekend than I could have ever imagined. Mommy thanks God for Nana and DD and for letting me handle my first ever stomach illness like such a champ! We're praying hard for health for all those exposed, especially Baby Kate - Mommy doesn't think a 5.5 pound baby should weather an illness like this!

On a side note, Baby Kate enjoyed her time in the hopspital, entertaining visitors and charming the nursery workers. Now that she's home, she's really showing off her laid-back personality. Mommy says its amazing how much we can look alike and yet how different we can act! She's the perfect yin to my yang so far. (Mommy says she watches me get more perfect everyday, and now she knows it must be a McClinton baby trait, because Kate grows more beautiful and lovable every moment she's around!)

Next week, we're counting on God to keep everyone else in the family healthy, and we plan to "relax and simplify" - Nana's new motto for Mommy - as Daddy and Nana take some time off of work to play with me and hold the baby. Also next week: Daddy's birthday, Halloween, AND professional pictures with Kate and I.

Click here for pics (some are repeats from proud Daddy's email)


"Big Sisser" Avery

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Last Week Alone

This is it!  My last nigt as an only child!  I've had a busy past week and weekend preparing for Kate and enjoying the last days of my reign.  My weekly post is going up a few days late, because Mommy says there was a lot to include from this week as well and we wanted to be sure and save next week's email just for "Kate and Me" pictures.

Last weekend, Mommy and Daddy and I went and spent a fun family day at Dewberry Farms.  I got to see barn animals, ride a corn train, play on the playground, see pumpkins all lit up, and play hide and go seek with Daddy in a corn maze.

I also got to enjoy my last night as an only child tonight.  I have been requesting stroller rides (which is very random if you remember that I bucked strollers at 9 months and haven't been in one since) and playing in the coin thing at Katy Mills, so that is exactly what I got to do.  We also celebrated Mommy's last meal with Mexican food (Daddy says he hopes Mommy's obsession with fajitas starts to wane after Kate comes because the poor guy has been subjected to an awful lot of Mexican lately!)

Other things that made my week special were making brownies using Mimi's Halloween presents to me (sprinkles and pumpkin cupcake holders!) and celebrating at another "Kate party" (this one with my playgroup friends).  It's been a great ride so far, and Mom and Dad promise me that Kate will only make it better!

Tomorrow I will go to school and see Ms. Georgia and Ms. Jennifer.  Mom and Dad are going to drop me off at school and then head to Katy Memorial Hermann Hospital, where Mommy is going to have Kate!  My whole word is going to change as I am introduced to my (hopefully) best friend and little sister, Kate Elizabeth.  (Incidentally, Mom also says she is coveting any prayers you may want to send up for the event tomorrow.  Surgery isn't her thing!)

Click here for pictures from the week (There is a video of me and Daddy that needs volume)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Kate News! (and Other Excitement)

Dear family,

This week, the big news is about sister Kate. Last Monday, Mom started having something called contractions. I don't know what that means, but for 2 hours she called out to Daddy every 4 minutes that "another one was coming on" and Daddy wouldn't let me jump on her while she laid still on the couch. By the end of the night, everything was headed back to normal, but on Thursday, Mommy's doctor told her that there's little chance she'll make it to Kate's due date and that it isn't a good idea to "stretch" a c-section uterus with repeated contractions. So, she told my mom that Kate needs to come on October 23rd, which is just 10 days away (when Mommy is 39 weeks pregnant)! Mommy was shocked, but we're all pretty excited now! Kate even got a tiny Halloween costume - a bunny - and I am a little confused by that, saying, "Baby Kate Easter Bunny Halloween." This is tricky stuff!

While Kate is the big news (and big excitement) around our house, I still did manage to have a fun and adventurous week of my own.

Highlights include:

*My first trip to the dentist (all is well on that front, and I've even gained a whole pound in 1 month!)

*Following Oscar around relentlessly - and learning to steal his bunny for fun (Mom says he's a real trooper!)

*Daddy's new glasses (somehow he alluded the camera this week, stay tuned for pics of him and his handsome new look!)

*Dottie and Oscar's trip to the vet (as you can imagine, I was quite the helper!)

*Dottie's allergic reaction to the shots, causing "Fat Face Dottie" (she's fine after Benadryl)

*Another great day at school (I am finally comfortable enough with Miss Georgia to thorw fits for her)

*My school's Fall Festival with Daddy, Mommy, and Nonnie

*Will and Luke's birthday party, watching Nana and DD's dog Rascal all weekend, and a yummy dinner out with Ms. Erin and Mr. Adam

Mommy and Daddy are spending the rest of this week and next enjoying their time with little ole me, knowing that life is about to change! :)

I love you all!

Avery "Big News" McClinton

Monday, October 6, 2008

Kate Party and Father's Day in October

I had another wonderful week, complete with park days, a visit to my favorite pumpkin patch, another fabulous day at school, and a "rabbit" movie (Ratatouille) at Miss Erin and Mr. Adam's house.

Then, on Friday, Aunt Erin and Uncle Trey got on an airplane to come see me. I spent Friday afternoon bonding with them, and that night, Mom, Dad, DD, and Nana spent a lot of time getting my house all set up. I got all of my pictures hung in my big girl room and they set up a new glider for me to read books in!

Saturday after swim lessons, Daddy took me to Aunt Erin's house, where I was slightly overwhelmed to see lots and lots of people who love me all having a party for Kate! Mommy says she has some of the best friends ever who made the party beautiful and so fun, and I agree! I loved the balloons, the yummy food, punch, and cake, and all of the presents for Kate and me. I especially loved getting special time with Nonnie and Nana while Mom and Dad opened gifts.

As if that wasn't enough excitement for the day, I went to Nana and DD's house for naptime because it was finally time to celebrate Father's Day for DD. Every year, the family plans a special menu (around a destination - this year was our trip to LA) for DD, and then we wait until the whole family can be together to make the meal. DD had to be REALLY patient this year, because Father's Day didn't come for him until October! While I was sleeping, everyone was busy in the kitchen making masterpieces. Dinner was amazing, as always, and I ended out the night cuddling with Nana and DD and bonding (again) with Aunt Erin.

I love keeping busy, but am looking forward to a "normal" week and weekend to recover from all of the excitement.

Pictures from the week - there are videos again this week - turn up the volume for a special performance by Trey and Pocahontas!



PS - For those keeping track, we're officially 1 month away from Kate's arrival!