Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Easter Fun Has Begun!

This week, my playgroup pals and I enjoyed an Easter party. Mommy only had to show me what to do once for the egg hunt; after I understood what was inside the eggs, I was hooked! I've been walking all over the house putting eggs into my Easter basket ever since. Sadly, they don't always have treats inside... what gives?

We also got to dress up in our fancy Easter dresses today and take pictures. I love my Easter hat! It was windy outside and every time the wind blew my hat off, I'd yell, "No! Haaah!" It makes me feel so 'glamorous', as Fancy Nancy and Fancy Avery would say, that I wear it even when I'm not in my Easter dress. It's a little big on me... but at my size, what isn't big on me?

I hear there is more Easter fun on the way: Easter Fest at my church AND celebrating the real deal with my family. All I have to say is, there better be treats in the eggs!

Katie Beth "Egg Hunter Extraordinaire" McClinton

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Break Means...

Of course Spring Break means no school or regular activities for a week... but this week, for me, Spring Break also meant...

*Picnicking and biking with the family
*St. Patty's Playgroup Fun
*Green jello and green mashed potatoes with Daddy on St. Patrick's Day
*RODEO! (Which I loved. Kate was terrified at the Petting Zoo, but Ms. Gen pointed out that it's probably because the size ratio was similar to an adult being released in an elephant den. Makes sense...!)
*Spending time outside with Nana and DD
*Snail gardens and flower picking
*Kite flying (and chasing)

Tonight at bedtime, I told Mommy and Daddy that I have so much to tell Miss Barbara and Miss Michelle about at school tomorrow. It was such a special week!


Avery Spring Break McClinton

Monday, March 15, 2010

Mommy Loves The Little Gym

And so do I!

I know Mommy loves The Little Gym because her face lights up when we walk through the doors. She says it's her favorite hour of the week. I don't know why Mommy loves The Little Gym. Maybe it's because it's time we spend together, just the two of us, working on independence and self-esteem but also bonding. Or maybe it's because I'm so small that it's like I'm making a joke every time I do the activities. I don't really know why Mommy loves The Little Gym, but I know why I love it!

I love the bells. I love the bubbles. I love the balls. I love the parachute. I love the exploring time. I love forward rolls and straddle rolls. I love backwards whoop-de-doos. I especially love hanging from the bars and climbing on the obstacle courses. I love Miss Paige and I love it when she uses me as an example in class. I love the routines and being able to anticipate what comes next. Classes at The Little Gym were the perfect birthday present for me!

Katie Beth "Small Enough to be a Gymnast" McClinton

Friday, March 5, 2010

Avery, Version 3.5

I'm 3 and a half now, which I remind my family of on a regular basis. As a 3.5 year old, I have a few new thoughts on life. For one, those so-called "rules" are much more palatable when taken as mere suggestions. Mom and Dad aren't on the same page with this one... yet.

I'm really having fun with rhyming words: "cat rhymes with bat and mat and gat". Sometimes, though, I get a little confused: "kite rhymes with high". I'm working on it.

At school, we're doing a Dr. Seuss unit and we made green eggs and ham in class:
"Sam I Am called Miss Michelle! He told her, 'Here's how you make green eggs and ham. Eggs. Ham. Food Coloring. Mizzapizzah!'" (Mizzapizzah is alive and well. Apparently even Sam I Am uses it.)

The last page of The Cat in the Hat reads, "Then our mother came in and she said to us two, 'Did you have any fun? Tell me. What did you do?' ... Should we tell her about it? Now, what SHOULD we do? Well...What would YOU do if your mother asked you?" Every time we read the book, Mommy says, "You'd tell Mommy, right? Because Mommy and Avery don't have any secrets, right?"

Well, at school, we read The Cat in the Hat and then we got to tell Miss Michelle what we would do if the Cat in the Hat came to our house. My friends said things like, "I'd fly a kite with Thing 1 and Thing 2", or "I'd hang from the lights!" When it was my turn, I said, "I would tell my Mommy."

I'm also figuring out really effective reasoning techniques. One night, after 11 hugs, Mommy told me no more hugs tonight. So, I cried in my room for a while, and then:
"Mommy. If you come hug me, I can stop crying and then I can sleep. But if you tell me no, then it will make me cry so hard and I cannot sleep when I cry so hard!" Mommy couldn't argue with such solid logic.

But don't try to get me to talk if I don't want to. Sometimes I turn into a Pterodactyl and only screech.

CLICK HERE FOR PICTURES OF THE WEEK (Including my first pretend-sleepover and Aunt Amanda's birthday at Clay's)

Avery v.3.5