Monday, February 28, 2011

The Great Outdoors

It feels so warm outside and we've been loving every second of the outdoor time. Great Outdoors, we've missed you!

Kate and I like to play Sleeping Family outside (Mom's not sure how this one originated or why it has to happen outside, but she's not arguing). We also had some sand in the sandbox last week, but Kate threw it all out onto the ground. I consider this to be intolerable!

Since the weather was so beautiful last weekend, and since Daddy's home improvement project has been put off another week (back orders from Lowe's), we had a beach day on Saturday! We got to go feed the seagulls, chase Daddy on the beach, build sandcastles, make sand angels, collect sea shells, and dip our toes in the cold water. It was so much fun! Mom had big plans for trying out her new camera on the scenic Strand, but as it turns out, we were there on Mardi Gras weekend and the crowds weren't worth the effort for us. That was fine by me... the beach was all I really cared about!

After Galveston, we spent more time outside - in Nana and DD's sandbox and in their hot tub. Being outdoors is so much fun!

Avery "Outside at Long Last" McClinton

Sunday, February 20, 2011


For Valentine's Day, my Daddy bought me fish!

More accurately, for Valentine's Day, Daddy took me to the pet store, where they told him he couldn't buy fish until the tank had been set up for a week. So, he let me and Eggie pick out tank decorations (a turtle for me and a castle for Eggie, and a bunch of fake plants). Daddy decided to buy two 'tester' fish (19 cent goldfish) that night, too, since we were both so set on getting fish.

Setting up the tank was so special. And it was exciting to let the tester fish go into the tank. They stayed alive that evening - but didn't make it until the morning. Avery accepted their passing well, but I was a puddle. Daddy had to console me and promise me more fish soon. Even still, it was a hard blow to take.
That night, Mommy reheated leftovers for her dinner. Eggie asked what it was; Mommy answered that it was fish. Eyes wide as saucers, I whimpered, "Like like like like Kate-Kate's fish?" Mommy quickly explained that this is a different kind of fish. She says she'd never eat one of my pets, but I am watching her carefully.
Several days later, we got more 'tester' fish. Two "Mickey Mouse" fish. I named mine Mickey Mouse Club House and Eggie's is Cupcake (we picked the names all by ourselves). The next morning, I ran straight to the tank when I woke up and yelled, "Still 'live! Still 'live!" Since they made it in the tank, we got to pick out two more fish: a black one named Molly for me and a spotted one named Perdi for Eggie (Daddy's name suggestions).
Mommy and Daddy are glad they set the bar so low, because every morning when I check on the fish, it is a joyful occasion and the chance to yell, "Still 'live!"

Kate 'Like My Fish?' McClinton

Monday, February 14, 2011

Daddy is My Valentine!

I love Daddy. I mean, I love love Daddy.

When we eat dinner at night, we talk about our highs and lows from the day. About once a week, the question goes like this:
"Katie, what was your happy part today?"
"Ummm... see Daddy!"

I just love the guy. When Mommy and Daddy showed up to pick me up from Nana and DD's house this weekend, I squealed and ran for a big Daddy hug. Later, Mommy asked me to come see her (I ignored her until she called me over), and I walked over, stuck out my tongue, and started "plft"ing at her.

And... whenever Mommy tells me she loves me today, I answer her, "I love Baby!"

I'm not worried about hurting Mommy's feelings. She laughs at me when I tease her like this and she seems to think this is just another funny stage. We'll see about that!

Love, Kate "Daddy's Girl" McClinton

Monday, February 7, 2011

Sometimes, Mommy Can be a Hassle...

Mommy is full of ideas that seem fun... to her. To Daddy, they sound like a lot of extra (needless) work. Usually, Mommy and Daddy are both right.

Like the time she decided we needed deer feeder corn in the sand and water table. It was super fun... and it was everywhere! There are lots and lots of birds that hang out in our yard now. And the corn got spread all throughout the living room and stuck in our vacuum cleaner... which made it stop working for a while.

Then came the idea to put the playdough and our coffee table in the carpeted craft room. Playdoh that gets trampled into the carpet and dries... not removable.

And the many, many bits of cut up tissue paper to use in gluing and decorating... all over the floor, stuck to the bottom of our feet... everywhere you look, there are little squares of tissue paper. Was it fun? Yes. Is it a total disaster in our home? Yes!

Sometimes, Mommy smiles timidly at Daddy and asks if he knew what he was getting into when he married her. He always reminds Mommy that on the third day of knowing her, she ran a car into a light pole and totalled a car. He knew exactly what he was doing.... for better or worse!

Love, Avery