Sunday, January 31, 2010

3 Unrelated Topics

First: The Week in Review

It was our first week back as a complete family (after the ski trip) and Kate and I decided to welcome Mommy and Daddy back in style. This included, on Kate's part, the total loss of the use of her legs when Mommy was around. For me, I treated Mommy to two massive fits (both at Chuck E. Cheese and one large enough to draw the manager out to make sure everything was ok), 3 accidents, and a general wild rumpus at Bible Study on Thursday night. We were glad to see them, but we wanted to let them know trips don't come free. (I think the point was well taken.)


Second: Katie Beth

We went to the doctor on Friday for Katie Beth's 15 month check up. Here is an email Mommy sent to Daddy and Co. right after the appointment:

"Kate's nurse called me and said Kate's hemoglobin levels (which indicate anemia) are up from 9.9 to 11.5. She was really excited about the jump and even had me do a drum roll for the good news. She said whatever we're doing to keep doing! (I looked it up and "average" hemoglobin levels are 12.0 and anything less than 10.5 is cause for action.)
Sadly, this does also mean they didn't solve Katie Beth's weight issue. Dr. Clarke had thought maybe a sufficient amount of iron would help her gain weight, but she is still less than the 3rd percentile in weight (17 pounds, 15.5 ounces - which is a 2 lb weight gain in 3 months. Dr. Clarke said, "Well, if we only compare Katie to Katie, she's doing really well."). They said at this point, everything else is on schedule (talking, gross and fine motor, etc), so we will just assume she is a small person. She did grow 2 inches in 3 months, catapulting her to the 25%tile in height! Go Katie Beth! (29.75 inches)
(Avery spent the blood work portion of the appt asking me what all that red stuff was and telling me Kate was hurting her ears. Haha.)"

Third: Now and then!

Daddy as a Baby

Mommy as a Baby

Me as a Baby

Katie as a Baby
And here we should ask the question: If Mommy and Daddy were such fat babies, where did all those genes go in us?

Mommy at 15 months

Me at 15 months

Katie at 15 months

Daddy at 2 years

Mommy at 3.5 years

Me at 3.5 years

Mommy and Daddy always thought I look like Mommy and Kate looks like Daddy, but these pictures make them reconsider: it sure does look like Kate and Mommy look a whole lot alike!

Avery "Look Alike?" McClinton

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

When Mom and Dad are Away...

The Kiddies will play!

Mommy and Daddy started telling me a few weeks ago that soon I was going to get to spend 5 whole days with Nana and DD. They told me where they were going, but I was too excited to listen. The night before it was time to go stay with Nana and DD, Daddy came to check on me 2 hours after I went to bed. I was shaking, sweating, and tossing and turning. I told Daddy, "It's just too hard to sleep on exciting nights!" DD said he was too excited to sleep, too.

On Thursday morning, Kate and I went to DD's house. Nana had to work, but DD took me to ballet class. He said he saw me dance a Mexican hat dance, but when he asked me about it, I told him, "That's the American hat dance." Then he took us to go visit Nana at her work. After rest time, Nana and DD told me they got me a present for each day that Mommy and Daddy were away. Thursday's present was a Barbie 4 wheeler! I loved it, except that the first time I put my foot on the pedal, it jerked me a little when it started moving. So, instead, I used it as a very large play car that sits still and does not drive. I asked Nana if she was going to go back to work, and Nana told me she took some days off so she could have an Avery vacation. I told her, "And I will have a Nana vacation!"

Friday, I got to go play with Hannah and then Nana and DD met us at Chick fil A. I told Nana, "This was too fast!" But little did I know, we had to go home for rest time so that Nana and DD could pack. After rest time, we got to go to Lockhart! We spent the whole weekend there, playing with dolls, celebrating Mimi's birthday, making cookies, swinging in Nanny's swing, and telling stories to all of my aunts and uncles. (A favorite story: "There was a princess named Norah, and she had an ark. Then a prince came and saved her and her animals!" or, "Jonah was swallowed by a whale, and a princess lived in there, too, and then they got spit up and it was a miracle!" I also invited everyone to a special place in Mimi's house called Lalasia, but they had to have a key to get in. Luckily, I was Princess of Lalasia and knew exactly where the key was.

On Monday, Nana and DD took me to school. I told DD it was a class just for Butterflies and since he wasn't a Butterfly, he couldn't come. He said he was a Dinosaur, and so I called him that all weekend. I don't know why, but it made Nana and DD laugh when I'd say that. When they dropped me off, I told DD, "Only Butterflies go to school all day, but Dinosaurs are able to come to pick up the little Butterflies." And so he did.

While I was at school, Nana took Kate to her Little Gym class. Katie did really well and loved the bubbles and forward rolls (and showing off her skills to Nana).

Last night, Mommy and Daddy came home on an airplane. Mommy says she was happy to see that everyone was still smiling and energetic when she got back from her vacation, and Nana and DD said that they had a wonderful time. And as for Kate and me? It was like a dream come true!


Avery "Nana and DD Vacation!!" McClinton

Sunday, January 24, 2010

When the Kiddies Are Away...

Mom and Dad will play!

We've spent the last 4 days in majestic Telluride, CO. Avery and Kate are still back in Texas with Nana and DD, and I determined that it would not do our time here justice to try to combine it with a blog entry about all of the fun and adventures they've had as well. So, tonight: our trip. Tomorrow night: their adventures.

We've had amazing fresh powder skiing, unbelievable snowfall, gorgeous sights, and lots of relaxing. The best part of it all has been time with our precious friends, Adam and Erin.

I do not profess to be a skier, but with 3 supportive coaches, even I had some great success on the mountain. The mountain threw us a few loops, but in the end, we emerged victorious. Of note:
*My second time up the mountain, there were near white out conditions at the top of the mountain. It took a lot of gentle prompting from the hubs and a lot of God's grace, but we made it down.
*Day 3 of skiing, Adam, Erin and Jordan decided to try a blue route. However, the trail turned out to be ungroomed and with all of the powder, it was impossible to discern the route. They ended up having to hike back up the mountain in knee deep powder, for 10 minutes, in full ski gear, while carrying skis.

Other activities to fill our time included rousing games of Nerts, a verrrry cold trip to the hot tub (and a sad discovery that one of the hot tubs was not so hot), trips on the gondola into the town of Telluride and hours of great conversation.

We're happy to be heading home to our girls tomorrow, but so unbelievably grateful for the time we've spent here. God's majesty and the scope of His works are evident and spectacular in this beautiful town!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

UFC Fight Night

Welcome to another edition of the McClinton Ultimate Family Championships. Tonight's round centers around the love of the Pink Baby Doll.

Fighting out of the Pink Room, weighing in at just under 17 pounds, it's Katie Beth 'Stink Bug' McClinton
Fighting out of the Purple Room, weighing in at 31 pounds, it's Avery 'Whhhhhhhy?' McClinton

This fight is scheduled for 18 One-Year rounds. Avery took Year One, as Kate was still small and unable to stand (literally) for herself. But as we enter Year Two, it's anybody's fight now.

Kate's strengths are being refined every day. They include persistence, an ear piercing scream she's not afraid to use, and her simple cuteness. She can disarm the fiercest opponent when she smiles and giggles. She's wears them down for the strike of Stink Bug McClinton.

Avery's victory in the first round has her on a roll, but the contender she sent to the corner at the end of the last round is not the same contender she'll meet with now. Don't be too quick to dismiss Avery, though. With her strengths of reasoning skills, size, and brute strength, she's a formidable opponent for little Kate. And she's been working with Coach Mommy on a very advanced technique - the take-down strategy called 'Kill 'Em With Kindness'.

It should be a fascinating Round Two, with a winner take all Pink Baby Doll Prize.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Under the Weather

Since the week before Christmas, I just haven't felt like myself. I had a virus, which led to an ear infection, followed by another day of high fever, and then a third nasty cold virus, leading to a double ear infection.

Sister hasn't fared so well, either. She also had a cold, which led to a double ear infection. One of her ears wasn't getting better, so we got to go back to the doctor for her, too. Poor Daddy also got a touch of it, too.

Mom says in three weeks, our family has had 6 ear infections, 4 prescriptions and 5 colds and viruses. Luckily, we were well taken care of. Mommy and Daddy cuddled with us, made comfort foods (which we refused to eat), took us for drinks at Sonic, and stayed up many, many nights with one of the two of us. Nana and DD also helped nurse us back to health. Nana says malts are the ultimate sick food. She must be right, because the next day we were on the mend!

We've had a few healthy days mixed in, and we've used them to their fullest. But, most of all, we're hopeful for a much healthier next few weeks! (It's looking good so far. The new antibiotics seem like they are working!)

Click here for pictures of the week

Kate, Sickie #3

Sunday, January 3, 2010


I like to keep Mommy and Daddy on their toes, especially when it comes to behavior. I get bored with their style easily. After about a month of consistent time outs, right when you might think it'd start working on me, I stopped caring. I found all kinds of awesome stuff to do in my room. Like, finding a "fancy stick" (chapstick) and spreading it all over my arms and legs, "so I could feel pretty".

Mommy and Daddy's response? A new tactic: the ROCK jar!

Ms. Shannon and Mr. Dustin came up with this idea. If I'm Respectful, Obedient, self-Controlled, and Kind, I earn rocks. And if I'm not... I lose a rock from my ROCK jar.

But here's the cool part: When my ROCK jar gets full, I get a special treat! Mommy said, "Avery, you can choose to go anywhere with anyone!"
"OK, Mommy. I chose to go see the princess and the frog movie and I want to go with Hannah and Miss Emilee."
"Well, baby, that's fine, but then Mommy will come too."
"No, Mommy. Then I choose Hannah, Miss Michelle, and Miss Barbara (my teachers)."
"OK, Avery. You can pick a friend, but someone in your family needs to go, too."
"Hannah, Daddy, Nana, and DD. And you can stay home with Kate."

Nana and DD came, and Mommy never asked permission again, but just showed up. Hannah came too, and Miss Emilee even joined us for lunch before the movie!

At the movie, sometimes Hannah sat in her own chair next to me, and sometimes we cuddled together in one chair. During the scary parts of the movie, I held Hannah close to protect her. (She never acted scared, but that's probably because I was there to comfort her.) One time, I even climbed in DD's lap and Hannah climbed in Nana's!

Daddy asked me what my next treat is going to be, and I told him the zoo. With Hannah.

Avery "ROCK Queen" McClinton