Thursday, August 29, 2013

Disneyland is...

Day 1:
Disneyland is... SCARY!
Why are all of the characters trying to touch me?  And why does Bugs Land have so much noise?  And why in the world would I climb into a swirling frenzy voluntarily?

Day 2:
Disneyland is... really great!  Some rides are safe.  It's a Small World, Ariel's ride (as long as you don't look on Ursula's part), the carousel and the tea cups - as long as DD holds the spinning wheel so it goes realllllly slow.

Day 3:
Disneyland is... MAGICAL!
The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique transformed me into Aurora and then real life Aurora stopped what she was doing just to come get me for some pictures when she saw how beautiful I was!  We had breakfast at Ariel's place and five princesses arrived in a flourish of fanfare!  It was almost too much to believe.  The shows and rides weren't so scary today, either.  In fact, Jasmine's show was amazing and she's my new favorite princess!

Day 4:
Disneyland is... fleeting.  And exhausting.  And still magical.
So much fun, and we only hit our highlights.  Some people say that the best part about Disney is that you can always find more to do.  I think they're right!  For sure, I was so tired by day 4 that I skipped some of the rides just to go back to the hotel and rest.  The best kind of tired is Disneyland tired!

But the things we got to do in our four packed days were just right for this little princess and her adoring extended clan. Another adventure, another blessed trip.  And I am thankful.

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Monday, August 12, 2013


Reese is ready to shop, too!
Avery and I have been earning an allowance this summer by helping out with chores.

On payday, we took a trip to the store.  I found a doll for $6 - $1 more than I had in my purse.  I decided to save my  money until next week and come back for the doll.

Except... on the way out of the store, I found a ring pop.  And ring pops don't cost that much - so I could get it, and still save for the doll.  (Goodbye, $1.00)

But then, two days later we were at Hobby Lobby and I found Bubble Tape.  $2.  That's not too much... so I bought it.  Now my coin purse is a little lighter ... but I can still save for the doll. (Goodbye, $2.00)

I shared my Bubble Tape with Avery and I ate some, too.  I put the rest in my purse for safe keeping.

Later that day, Avery's shirt and water bottle both ended up with gum all over them.

And the next morning, I came running downstairs.  "Mommy!  I found my gum container but I can't find my gum anywhere!  We don't know where it went!"

Gum was promptly added to the No-Buy List.

Live and Learn... I guess?

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sister Moms

This week at the Hyatt Hill Country resort, I had an epiphany.

It started when I heard Amelia tell Mommy: "Aunt Angela, I'm just going to call you Mommy since my Mommy is in meetings today and she can't be with us."

Sister Moms.  Trading off duties, sharing talents.  It made sense to
me.  Sometimes my Mommy seems like she's all tapped out.  But Amanda always has extra love to share with me!  So, as soon as Aunt Amanda was available, I clung to her and called her "Mommy".  I decided that no one else could hold me or help me... no one but my new Mommy.

And when people asked me who my Mommy was, I'd run to Aunt Amanda.

And later in the weekend, when someone would tell me to go see Mommy, I'd look around, back and forth, trying to figure out which Mommy they meant.  I'd run towards Amanda, and she'd sometimes have to tell me: "Reese, go see your other Mommy."

Sister Moms.  Why haven't I thought of this before?

Love, Reese

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