Monday, May 31, 2010

Just MY size

A lot of this blog (and real life) is devoted to Big Sis, but don't be fooled... I have lots of things that are just for me!

I have a new playgroup with friends just my size.

I had an end-of-the-year party at The Little Gym and showed off all of my talent (just like Sister's recital... sort of).

I get to cry through... ahem, swim at... swim lessons every week with Mommy while Sister looks on.

I even got to spend the night with Nana and DD recently all by myself... just because!

It's good that I have things just for me and just my size. I'm getting to be such a big girl and even though I adore Avery, sometimes I don't want to play Dress Up Twins anymore.

(Mommy says I have to tell you that when no one is looking or paying much attention, I even use words - lots and lots of them! ...But don't ask me to speak on command. I am NOT a performer!)

And even though I still sit at just below 20 pounds, my little toddler body is growing and getting taller every day. I'm most certainly not a baby anymore! So, Mommy, bring on the activities just for me!

Katie Beth "Just the RIGHT Size" McClinton

Monday, May 24, 2010

The End

This week was The End for me in my Butterfly class at school AND in my ballet class.

For my last week in the 3 year old Butterfly class, I got to eat pizza and have snow cones and celebrate how much I have learned and grown. I will miss this class because it was purple - my favorite color! - and butterflies - my favorite creature! But Mommy says school takes a break so we can swim more and so I think I will be ok.

For the end of my ballet, we had a recycle. I got to practice on Saturday and get all of my makeup on, wear my beautiful dress, and dance on a real stage! And then, on Sunday, was my real recycle! I told Nana when I was through, "I remembered exactly it all this time!" (Video evidence to the contrary? No way!) During the real recycle, I stayed backstage with all the other big girl dancers. By the time the show was over and Mommy came to pick me up from backstage, I had grown to a whole new level of Prissy and Independent. I'm a real live ballerina now!


Ballerina Avery

Sunday, May 16, 2010

That Amazing Avery

The scene: we're all outside, Avery playing in the sandbox.

Amanda and Nanny are talking about a sewing pattern Amanda wants Nanny to look at; she heads to the car to find it. She comes back... it was left at her house. All of the adults talk about how disappointing that was. Suddenly, Avery stops what she's doing and tells me, "I have to go inside. I have to wash my hands and make a pattern for Amanda."

She drops her things, washes her hands, and heads to her drawing area. She proceeds to make Amanda a pattern: a paper with circles on it - purple, yellow, purple, yellow. A pattern. She runs out to give it to Amanda, who assures her that she has now saved the day with her pattern.

Several weeks ago, we were shopping at Hobby Lobby and Avery was commenting on everything we passed: "Look at that, Mommy!", "Ooooooh... wow!" etc. We passed a purple lamp that she commented on and I replied, "It's even sparkly. How beautiful!"

She asked me if I wanted to buy the lamp, and I don't remember exactly but I'm sure I replied in usual form: something about not spending money on things that we didn't need, even if we wanted them.

When Jordan took Avery out to buy the pinata for Mother's Day, she told him there was something else she HAD to get me: a purple lamp with sparkles on it. (Since Jordan had no idea where this was coming from, he didn't know to take her to Hobby Lobby. They were, however, able to find sparkly purple candles.)

What strikes me about this is that Avery saw me denying myself something that in her mind was a real sacrifice, remembered it, and spontaneously determined to give it to me. She wasn't prompted. Her little loving heart just overflowed right out into her gift. I'm so blessed by my little Avery girl. What a deeply thoughtful child we've been gifted with.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Rainbow Party!

For Mother's Day this year, Daddy let me think of a way to show Mommy how special she is to me. I decided that we should throw a Rainbow Party for her and for the other Mommies in my life. Daddy helped me make an evite, paint a rainbow, get a pinata, and prepare a cake for the big event.

Nanny, Nana, Aunt Amanda, and Mommy were all at my special Mother's Day Rainbow Party (with their families). We ate a special cake I decorated almost all by myself (Mommy used icing to make one arch and then I lined it with red Skittles and then... I did the rest all by myself!), then everyone watched me swing at the pinata. After a lot of trying, DD helped with his pocket knife (that was one tough pinata!). Last, we played Pin the Cloud on the Rainbow. I rearranged each person's cloud once they had a try. I really wanted them all to be in the right place. What do you mean, that defeats the point of the game?

Mommy says this is the best Mother's Day she's ever had. Me, too!

Avery Rainbow Princess McClinton

Sunday, May 2, 2010

First Swim of the Season!

Today I had my first swim of the season! It has been getting warmer and warmer, and today... swim time!

Earlier in the week, Mommy pulled out the small blow up pool and let Katie Beth and I splash around some. But nothing beats climbing in a real-life, honest-to-goodness pool.

My first dip wasn't a planned one. After naptime, Mommy and Daddy were finishing up a movie that was a bit too scary for me, so Nana took me in the backyard to "dip my toes in the water". Somehow, when Mommy came out to check on me, I was wet all the way to the top of my head. In my nap shirt and panties...

Well, it was so much fun that Sister joined in in nothing but a swim diaper. Heavenly.

I have a little bit of remembering to do yet. Like, how to keep my mouth closed when I go under water so I don't come up coughing every time. But I'm not too worried... I have an entire summer ahead of me and lots of plans to swim!

Avery Fish-Back-In-Water McClinton