Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekly Report, Numerical

8 - Nights I've slept in my brand new lavender big girl room!
7 - Kids I had to wait in line behind to get my face painted at Bounce-U
6 - Innings I made it through at my first Astro's game
5 - Number of cherries on my ice cream sundae
4 - Months until Baby Sister is set to arrive
3 - New phrases I've added to my vocabulary this week ("What happened?", "I sorry", and "NO WAY!")
2 - Average number of temper tantrums thrown daily
1 - Times I swam this week (despite Mommy's best efforts)
0 - Name ideas Mommy and Daddy have for my Baby Sister


Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer Fun

I had another fun week. Mommy says summertime is magical, and I can see why! There are so many fun things to do during summer!

On Monday, I got to go out to eat to help celebrate all of the wonderful memories we had with my name-sake, my great Poppa. It would've been him and Great-Nonnie's anniversary, so we surprised her for a fun dinner. I loved seeing everyone and eating LOTS of bread!

On Tuesday, all of us girly girls wore our tutus to playgroup. Our mommies figured out the best way to take our pic - to offer us snacks and put us on the couch. It worked! After that, we went outside to play in the pool and jump on the trampoline. I LOVED playing ring around the rosie with my friends Natalie and Hannah!
Tuesday after Daddy got finished working, we got to go back to my neighborhood pool - always a favorite!

On Wednesday, I went to Bolli Brothers Pizza, where they let me make my very own pizza. I used a cool roller tool, added sauce and cheese, and then carefully placed 4 pepperonis right on top of each other. It was so much fun and totally YUMMY!

To finish up a wonderful week, I got to go visit Mommy's wonderful friends from OKE, Miss Patrice, Miss Brittany, and Miss Kendra. Of course, at first I was shy, but then we got in the pool and I really warmed up. "Miss Treece" let me play in the pool with her, and Miss Brittany took me to the top of the slide and let me slide down to Miss Kendra. It was so much fun that we didn't leave until past naptime, but luckily, Miss Kendra sent me home with a brownie that kept me awake until we got home. (Later, when I was doing a craft with Nana, she asked me who I wanted to send the picture to, and I told her, "Treece, Treece".)

On Saturday, Daddy spent the day paitning my new big girl room a beautiful shade of lavendar. Soon, Mommy and Daddy will move my bed in there and I'll get to start sleeping in the room. I love it! Every time I go in there, I touch the walls and say, "pur-posse" (purple). Daddy is so good to me!

Busy Bee Avery

Monday, June 16, 2008

Pool Time, Blueberries, and Father's Day

What a week! What a weekend!

I spent most of last week in the pool - literally. Mom and I went swimming Tuesday through Friday and I had swim lessons with Daddy on Saturday. It's safe to say I'm turning into quite a little fish! On Wednesday, I went to a special pool party at my friend Matt's house, and he had a 10 foot slide into the pool. I thought it was so much fun! When Mom read the sign saying it wasn't for pregnant women, I was still willing to slide down it by myself to Miss Ella, who caught me in the pool. I'm such a daredevil some days!

Then, as if that wasn't a wonderful enough week, I got to go to Spring after naptime on Saturday. Aunt Amanda and Uncle David and Mom and Daddy all took me to Moorehead Blueberry Farm, where we each got buckets to put blueberries in. At first, I let Dad do all the work and just enjoyed eating the blueberries out of the bucket, but then Aunt Amanda got smart. She figured out that if I helped her pick blueberries, it took longer and I ate fewer total. It was so much fun! After that, we went to dinner and then back to Aunt Amanda's house, where I bonded with Uncle David. It was a wonderful day!

Sunday was ALSO a special day! I woke up and joined my Daddy in his bed for breakfast. Then, I got to put on my extra special outfit that Daddy made me (it matches his shirt and is even made out of a men's shirt... and yes, he had help from my Mimi...) We wore our outfits to church, where everyone oohed and aahed over Daddy's skill and how cute I looked. After naptime, we got to take Daddy to dinner at Berryhill and playtime by the fountain. It was an amazing weekend, but it left me pooped!


Your Little Swimmer Avery

Monday, June 9, 2008

River Rat

What a weekend! I started the weekend Friday morning surrounded by people who love me. Mommy and Daddy and I met Nana and Granddaddy and Nonnie at the doctor's office to look at pictures of my baby. I don't really know what all of the fuss was about, but having people who love me stay close by is always a plus! Mommy had to give blood so we ate out as her reward, and afterward, even though I was VERY tired, I decided to reward her in my own special way... by refusing to nap! Luckily, it was a date night for Mommy and Daddy, so we got a nice break from each other Friday night.

On Saturday, Nana and Granddaddy and I picked up Mommy and Daddy and we headed to Lockhart. When we got there, I got to play with my little cousin Jenna. Even though she's a year younger than me, she is plenty of fun and thought I was pretty interesting. I ate a yummy lunch at Nanny's and then headed to Mimi and Gran's for naptime.

After nap, I got to get up and go swimming in Mimi's pool. I also played with all of my fun toys there and really enjoyed the tv that was right on my level. AND, my Aunt Amanda and Uncle David showed up to play with me too! After a great day, I enjoyed a bath and my night time story with Mimi.

When I woke up Sunday morning, I got special time to play with Mimi before it was time to head out again. We loaded up, but instead of going home, we went to a place with lots of trees and a river! Nana said she used to camp there a lot as a little girl. I got to meet a lot of my relatives AND swim in a "pool" that had moving water. At first, I yelled at the water - "no!", to make it stop, but once I got used to it, I realized just how much fun moving water can be.

I played well with my cousins David, Derrick, and Jenna - as long as they didn't get too close and no one was trying to take my picture.

My favorite parts were being held in the fast water, collecting rocks, swimming downstream from Nana to Daddy, and rising rapids with Daddy. Unfortunately, at about an hour past my naptime, Mommy called the fun off and brought me back to Lockhart for a nap.
I spent the nap dreaming of the river!
River Rat Avery