Saturday, May 31, 2008

Staying Busy

It's been a wonderfully busy month! Mommy's tutoring wound down this month, leaving us extra play time in the afternoons! I've kept her very busy, with fun activities like a trip to the Children's Museum, swim lessons, lunch at Chuck E. Cheese, weekly playgroups, trips to the park, toddler storytime with my good friend Hannah, and LOTS of time in the water: in my new backyard play pool, my neighborhood splashpad, my neighborhood "baby" pool, and the splashpad at La Centerra! CLICK HERE for pictures, though many of my favorite activities from this month are missing from the selection because dear ole mom forgot to charge the camera's batteries.

My baby sister or brother is doing well, too... she/he is making Mommy sick much less, and is growing like a week in Mommy's tummy. Mommy feels the baby kick all the time, but he/she is pretty shy around other people and hasn't kicked for Daddy yet. I like to point to both Mommy and Daddy's tummies and say, "baby". We go in next Friday to find out the gender - I don't think it matters - boy or girl, I'll find ways to terrorize - eh, love - either!