Monday, September 29, 2008


My mommy had a running joke with her second graders back when she taught.  She'd pull out a book from the shelf and say enthusiastically, "This is my favorite book!"  The kids would then groan and say, "Mrs. McClinton, EVERY book is your favorite book!"  Little would Mommy have guessed, but the joke resurfaced this week when we were watching the Wiggles together.  I looked over at Mommy at the start of every song and said, "Mommy fae-bit."

It feels the same when Mommy talks about the seasons changing.  Every time we head into a new season, Mommy spends about a week telling me how that particular season is her favorite!  Right now, Mommy and I are oohing and ahhing over the mild weather, the feel of autumn in the air, and the excitement that comes with fall each year (Halloween, Daddy's birthday, Thanksgiving and family, yummy smells and foods!)  This year, we get to add another exciting event to the fall lineup - Kate's birthday!

We really enjoyed fall this week at our favorite park, Mary Jo Peckham.  We fed the goldfish and ducks, chased squirrels (I reminded Mommy that squirrels are special because they sing with Snow White), played on the playground, and I tried my hand at putt-putt for the first time.

I also had one last birthday celebration this week with my friends Hannah, Ethan, and Emma Kate, got to go to PetsMart with my playgroup friends for a "field trip", and spent the night at Nana and DD's, where I danced my heart out.  On Saturday, during swim class, Ms. Shell told my daddy she thinks I'm ready to move up to the next class - Goldfish!  It's NOT a Daddy-and-Me class, so Mommy thinks we might wait until the sister transition has taken place before putting me in a swim class without Daddy, but it's exciting that I'm learning so fast nonetheless!

I went to school for the second time this week and we seem to have figured out that pesky half-nap thing because Ms. Georgia let me read quietly in the book corner during rest time and then I got my real nap at home.  I also won Ms. Georgia over this week when I randomly walked up to her and happily asked for cuddles.  

While I was busy charming my teachers, Mommy went to see about Kate.  Kate is growing well and appears to be 4 lbs 5 oz, with some hair (but nothing like what I had!), and is most certainly all girl.  It looks like we're on track for a Nov. 6th birth, but stayed tuned for changes as the day draws near!

Pictures of my week  (There are 2 videos that should load automatically for you if you are in slideshow mode - turn up your volume if you can to hear me as well.)


PS - This morning, I proudly told Mommy her real name - "An-ju-wah", and when Mommy asked what Daddy's real name is, I said - without skipping a beat - "Honey".  They may be Mommy and Daddy to me, but I know their alternate names!

Monday, September 22, 2008

6 Weeks and Counting!

We're down to about six weeks until Kate gets here and I spent all last week thinking about Kate and getting ready for her! My friend David's mommy had her baby this week, and so David got to spend the weekend with us. We had so much fun making music, dancing together, meeting Cole at the park, playing in the sand and water table (right now just the water table), and meeting Moira, the new baby. Ms. Ella, Cole's mommy, is also going to have her baby any day (today, we hope!) and so I've been thinking it should be my turn soon too.

Mommy has explained to me that Baby Kate will be here after Halloween, and I know all about Halloween because I see pumpkins in every store we go into. It's a lot of sleeps away, but I am spending the waiting time enjoying Mommy's ever-growing tummy (I like to point to it and say, "eat", to rub it and kiss it, and to line my princesses up on the mountian of Mommy's tummy.) I am also practicing for when Kate is here and Mommy needs help with all of the new baby chores. I have a special baby doll I got from Aunt Sandie this week that I have carried all over the house, kissed, hugged, and taken on walks in my stroller, and rocked in Kate's baby swing. I also have been spending about 30 minutes a day playing completely alone so Mommy can get things done (and in preperation for when Mommy is nursing or passed out cold - hehe - just kidding!) Mommy never knows when these precious moments will happen, but when they do, I can entertain myself with dancing, princess dolls, baby dolls, Oscar and Dottie, or a slew of other activites while Mommy does dishes, sneaks a snack, or just stands by and cries happy tears at what a perfect creation God gave her in me. Can you believe the world is going to have two McClinton princesses?!? Mommy's heart could just burst at the thought.

Big Sister Avery
Pics from the week

Monday, September 15, 2008

St. Peter's and Ike

This week, I got to go to school for the very first time.  On Wednesday night, I helped Mommy and Daddy load up my school bag with a change of clothes (just in case), my nap mat, and some special notes for my teacher.  Mommy made my lunch and spent a sentimental moment reflecting on how this was the first lunch she's ever packed.  Mommy and Daddy even tried out my ice-pack with milk sippy cup combo to make sure it'd stay the right temperature at school (it's a good thing they did because the "leak proof" cup leaked all over the ziploc bag!  I wouldn't have had any drink at lunch!  Crisis averted...)
On Thursday when I woke up, Daddy was still at home for breakfast and getting ready time.  He followed Mommy and I to St. Peter's, this place Mom had taken me to play at once before.  We walked into the same classroom, where these nice ladies, Ms. Georgia and Ms. Jennifer, greeted me.  They took me to wash my hands at the sink. I grinned at Mom and Dad the whole time.  When my hands were clean, Mom and Dad asked for a kiss and told me they'd be back at 2.  I wasn't really sure what they were talking about (why would they leave me here?), but I accepted their words and went to ask Ms. Georgia about the Belle costumes (they were already on 2 other friends... Mom is not sure how they handled that without a meltdown).  Mommy was the only one who cried at all, and Daddy said he was so proud of her for "growing up".  Mommy says this letting go and letting grow stuff is tough!
While Mommy ran errands, scrubbed toilets, and vaccuumed, all helper-free, I was busy as well.  My daily report said I was friendly and happy all day, played with play-dough, painted, and loved music and movement time.  I even got to have my back patted for an hour until I finally fell asleep during rest time!  (Something I've been asking Mommy for each bedtime routine ever since...)  Mommy was so proud that her heart swelled up when she came to get me and found out what an amazing day I'd had.  Ms. Georgia and Ms. Jennifer even got impromptu hugs before I said goodbye!
On Friday, the funniest thing happened.  I woke up and Daddy was home from work again!  This time, it was because some storm was forming in the Gulf and he needed to stay home and get the house ready.  I didn't hear much more about the storm until Mom and Dad put me to bed that night, in their room instead of mine.  And then, at 2:30 am, when the storm was beating on their windows, they decided to move everyone to the closet under the stairs.  I slept through the whole move, and would've slept through the whole storm, except that there was a very nervous red dachsund whimpering next to my ear.  I woke up around 2:45 and thought it was the coolest thing ever to be in a "Tink" closet (we had a lantern in there that looked something like what Tink would stay in) with my family.  While Mom, Oscar, Dottie and I all stayed safely inside, Daddy was busy patrolling the area.  Our backyard was being pounded, but our front yard was barely seeing anything, so Daddy let me come watch for a while in the front yard.  I was in excellent spirits and played happily with my pricesses, Mommy's face, the lantern... anything at all!  Finally, at 6 am, the storm was dying down and Mom and Dad could barely hold their eyes open anymore, so they put me back in the pack and play and climbed in bed themselves.  (That only lasted until 8 am, when I decided I was ready to greet the day!)  By 10 am, things had calmed down considerably, although it was still raining.  Daddy fixed the fence in the 2 spots it blew over and assessed damage on his grill, which also took a hit in the wind.  Besides that, our house was safe and sound!
Once the curfew was lifted, we went to see the damage and visit Amanda and David at Nana and DD's house.  We saw some interesting things, including a house frame that had been blown into another house, the FEMA caravan to Galveston, and really high waters.  We somehow managed to get ourselves into a scary position when we were traveling down Barkers Cypress and came across running water, that looked like rapids, going across an intersection (not deep).  Daddy's skill and God's protection got us across just fine, but we were very careful about high water from then on.
We lost power only briefly but have neighbors who still don't have any - schools are closed here today and tomorrow for repairs, and Daddy is at home once again.  I'm going to get really used to having him here!
Safe and Sound Avery

Monday, September 8, 2008

Spotlight on Friends

It's been another monumental week!  This week, we spent a lot of our time focusing on our friends.  Mommy helped throw a baby shower for my friend David's little sister (she'll be here any day!), I went to a birthday party for my friend Alastair, and I got to celebrate my birthday one last time with the help of all of my playgroup friends! (More on that later...)
But I've been busy with friends in other ways, too.  Last week, I went to my friend Mason's house for playgroup.  He lives on a lake, so his Mommy, Ms. Andrea, took us all out on their boat.  It was supposed to be a 5 minute boat ride around the lake to see the ducks, but when we were returning to Mason's dock, Ms. Andrea pulled the key out of the ignition and put the boat in neutral and it kept going - full speed ahead!  After 30 minutes of mommies calling daddies to see if anyone could help us get off of the speeding boat, Ms. Andrea suggested that one mommy jump off the boat onto her peir while she sped past, and then she'd keep circling and throwing us toddlers over one by one.  Needless to say, none of the other mommies went for that idea.  Finally, Ms. Andrea's contractor who built her house jumped on board, found the emergency brake, and saved us all!  It was 45 minutes total in the hot sun, but us kiddies never really caught on to the situation.  The mommies, on the other hand, treated it like a real emergency, complete with rationing the water in our water bottles!
As if that wasn't enough excitement, on Friday I got to go to my new school to meet my teachers, Ms. Georgia and Ms. Jennifer, and play in my new classroom.  Mommy wore her sunglasses on the drive there so I couldn't tell if she was crying or not, but she sure did put on a brave face for me when we got to St. Peter's.  I was really apprehensive about exploring the room and letting Ms. Georgia get too close to me until.... we found a Belle costume!  Once I had thaat beautiful yellow dress on, I felt much braver, and played happily and smiled for Ms. Georgia's camera.  Mommy feels much better knowing there are 2 Belle costumes, and Ms. Jennifer said I would be allowed to wear one all day if I choose!  My school is really amazing, and it is going to be such a wonderful experience for Mommy and me... she just can't believe she's sending her baby to "school", even if it is only for a few hours once a week!  I start next Thursday, Sept. 11th, and you know you'll get to hear all about it!
During my busy week, I also found time to visit with Dr. Clarke.  Mommy and Daddy talked up the free ice cream, so when he came in the room, I didn't care that he was a man at all!  I just wanted my free ice cream in a princess cup.  I'm currently in the 10% for my weight (I'm only bigger than 10% of kids my age) and 75% for height.  Just perfect for a ballerina!
While Mommy was at Ms. Auburn's baby shower, I went with Daddy to swim lessons.  I jumped in the pool and came up on my back all by myself, let Ms. Shell float me across the pool by just my pigtails, climbed out of the pool from the ledge alone, and showed off my signing and color knowledge by being the one who got to say all of the colors for the rest of the class!  I'm really loving swim classes, especially when Ms. Shell and Daddy are both there with me.
Finally, on Saturday, we got to play with my friends at Pump It Up.  Nana and Granddaddy and my playgroup friends all came to celebrate 6 of us who decided to have a party together.  Believe it or not, we were all born within 3 weeks of each other!  It was so much fun, and Nana and Granddaddy and Daddy all played hard with me... until Cole arrived.  When my buddy Cole got there, it was as if everyone else just faded away.  We chased each other, played copy cat, and jumped and bounced the afternoon away.  After that, I got to blow out candles on my cake and eat ice cream with DD.  Then, as if it hadn't been enough fun, I spent the night at Nana and DD's while Mommy and Daddy went on a date.  At their house, I helped make sugar cookies, decorate a Tink picture album, swam LOTS, and watched the non-scary parts of Snow White.
Whew!  I feel tired just writing about my week!  Mommy and Daddy say things are going to calm down some for the rest of September.  As always, I'm just along for the ride, whatever it may be!
Avery Whirlwind McClinton

Monday, September 1, 2008


This week was a big week for me! I learned that "birthday" is a word reserved for those not in the McClinton family... I had more like a "birthweek" celebration. I have so much to say, but I will try to keep it reasonably short...

On Thursday, I started my birthday celebrations with my friends from Focus Group. Mommy made cupcakes, Daddy frosted them, and I decorated them all by myself (with VERY clean hands). Then, I got to share them with my friends!

On Saturday, I woke up and got to have breakfast at Denny's with my Mimi and Papa. They brought me this amazing box full of fun. It has so many dress up clothes in it, and Mimi decorated it just for me! I enjoyed breakfast with them and showing off my swim moves. My naptime had to be pushed back some because Mommy and Daddy couldn't bear to make me stop playing with my dress up clothes.

When I did wake up from naptime on Saturday, I headed to Nana and Granddaddy's house, where I was excited to learn that my Great-Mimi and Great-Gran had come in town just to spend my birthday with me! I showed them a good time by dressing up and dancing for them, swimming in Nana's pool for their viewing pleasure, and giving hugs and kisses around the room. Saturday night, they took me to The Rainforest Cafe, and endured a VERY noisy dinner just to help me celebrate my big day. Afterwards, as we were walking back to the car, I turned to Granddaddy and told him, "Horses 'gin". He knew just what I meant, and after carefully selecting another riding partner ("Mimi too!"), we got to ride the carousel. Then, Mimi bought me a green punching balloon, which took up the rest of my night chasing it around the living room with Mimi. (That, and eating a Belle cake...)

As if that wasn't enough, I woke up on Sunday morning to a McClinton family tradition - breakfast in bed! Mommy and Daddy have been celebrating birthdays like this since they first got married, and I am in a big girl bed now and can join in the fun. I loved it! After breakfast, we headed to church, where I helped Mommy in the nursery and even learned she can hold another baby and STILL love me so much. After church, a quick lunch, and a nap, I woke up to find that Aunt Amanda and Uncle David came to Nana's house to party with me, too! We celebrated with a Tink cake, presents, and more dressing up. I got this amazing miniature baby grand piano from Mimi and Gran and honestly don't know if I prefer dancing or playing!

Sunday night, I headed to my favorite restaurant, Clay's, to play with the animals, enjoy the sandbox, and love on my family and some precious lifelong friends. Ms. Ella made my cake, and it was amazing! She made a barnyard cake, but made me my very own princess pony cake. Does she know me or what?!? I had such a great time, but when the presents were done, I turned to Mommy and asked her, "bath?" I was wiped out from my big weekend of celebrating!

Next Saturday, I celebrate my birthday one last time with my playgroup friends at Pump It Up. It's no small wonder that I feel that the world revolves around me! My friend Ms. Becky always says, "You can be spoiled without acting rotten," and I think I might be a perfect example of that!

LOTS of pictures from my big weekend

Terrific Two Avery!