Thursday, January 29, 2009

3 Month Pictures

Mommy says:
We are so blessed to be surrounded by so many talented friends. We had our friend Kristin King take Kate's 3 month pictures this week, and they turned out amazing! (Of course, Avery was in on the pics too.) Kristin took our engagement pictures many moons ago, and we're thrilled that she's decided to pursue professional photography as a career. The pictures say it all: we have precious girls and a talented friend!

Click here for the full 34 image slideshow - it's worth your time! :)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sister Love and Other Joys

There was so much joy to be found this week! Kate and I got to return to an old favorite: Story time with Miss Judy! I went to Toddler Time and Katie and Mommy went to Infant Story Time while I was at school.

There was also joy at Katy Mills... what a magical place I have so close to me! (Where else can a girl watch fish in a huge tank, ride a carousel, and send money down the spiral thingy all in one place?)

I found joy at Tyler's 2nd birthday party - he had a bounce house! - and at swim, and during my after nap treats, and at "new church", and at lunch with my friend Summer... It was really a joyous week!

I also spent a lot of time loving on my sweet sister. I've composed the following in her honor:

To Kate; From Avery

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways:
I love thee proudly, of all your new accomplishments (giggling, sitting in the Bumbo chair, rolling from front to back...)
I love thee generously, with all of my belongings (especially my books and princesses)
I love thee protectively, fighting off other toddlers who might try to take a peek at you (if anyone is going to suffocate you with hugs, it's going to be me!)
I love thee helpfully, replacing your pacifier when you loose it and helping with diaper changes ("replacing might not be a strong enough word... "shoving" might be better... and admittedly, I've been known to run away if I realize your diaper is dirty...)
I love thee thoroughly!

Click here for MORE pictures!

Friday, January 23, 2009

New Church!

Mommy says:
We could not be more excited about our new church building. The Waters officially has a headquarters, and it is AMAZING! Last Sunday we met in our new location and it was a great first Sunday.

Jordan and I got in on the ground floor of the church 5 years ago when we started meeting in a home in Cinco. The journey since then has been one of the best aspects of our lives. We love how real and relevant the church is and how welcome we feel every time we step foot in the doors. I've never been any place like it, and I'm so thankful we found it!

Props to Kristin King who took these beautiful pics of our new place. Check us out Sunday at 10:30 and see one heck of a drummer while you're there!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

3 Months of Bliss!

From Kate:

Being three months old is fun! I'm slowly becoming aware of these things - legs and arms, I hear they're called - and they are so much fun to wave around! I really like the way it feels when I kick my legs over and over. One thing I've noticed is if Mommy lays me face down on a blanket and I wiggle my legs and arms some, the next thing I know the room spins and then there are a bunch of faces cheering at me!

I'm so happy with life. I love to sleep, I love to eat. I love to lay with Mommy or Daddy and grin at them, or if they are busy, I love to lay alone on my butterfly and grin at the toys. I love being in busy places, I love being in quiet places. I love night, I love day. I'm pretty thrilled with everything I know about life so far!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Uncle Trey and Aunt Erin's visit

This was a big weekend!

I started it at the park with my friends. Then, I got to play at my new church while Daddy practiced with his band.

On Saturday, after my swim lesson, I headed to Nana and DD's to have CHRISTMAS. Again! Can you believe the luck? Uncle Trey and Aunt Erin came in town to celebrate, and so I got to spend some time with them, as well as Aunt Amanda and Uncle David.

While I slept, the big people got to enjoy a Christmas trivia game and watch Trey and Erin open their gifts. When I woke up, it was present time for me! I love my new dolly and can't wait to spend my Build A Bear gift card!

We also ate at a wonderful, Avery-friendly place called Pappasitos, played with the puppy, flew like Jasmine, swam in the hot tub, and watched Katie Bear learn to roll over. What a weekend!

Click here for pictures

Goldfish Girl!

So for about a week, Mommy and Daddy have been telling me I'm going to go swimming in the pool with Miss Shell and my friends, but no Daddy. They've been making kind of a big deal about it, and I just can't figure out why. So, no Daddy. So what?

This Saturday, Miss Shell came to the door and got me and 3 friends. One of my friends cried a lot, and I just looked at her with total confusion. Why would she be crying? It's swim time!

Miss Shell took us to a new pool - the BIG one! - and asked us to stay on the steps while we each got a turn playing with her. I had trouble sitting still - and one time a lifeguard had to reach in and pull me up from under the water.

Waiting on the steps with my new friend

Floating over to the slide

All done! Walking to the door like big girls!

When it was all over, Mommy and Daddy about fell over themselves telling me how proud they were and how big I am now. I was so over it - "Where's my pop pop?" was all I had to say about the event.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Naptime Solutions

Exciting news! I finally got Mama and Daddy to be on the same page as me regarding this sleep stuff. After trying several strategies that I did not accept, they have finally landed on the one I've been waiting for!

Every day when I climb in bed for nap, Mama asks me what treat I want when I wake up. If I sleep, I get my treat, but if I don't, Mama says I'm too tired and I have to go to bed early, so no time for the treat.

I've been sleeping this week so I can have my treats. It sometimes takes me a full hour to fall asleep, but Mommy comes in and reminds me that I have to lay still to fall asleep and then get my treat.

So far, treats I've chosen:

Swimming in Mama's tub

Meeting Aunt Megan at the mall

Walking Dottie Mae all by myself!

Going to La Centerra and picking out a cookie

Today if I sleep, I get to go watch Daddy practice with his band at "new church". I've actually been asking for this treat all week, but I've had to wait until tonight. I have big plans to take my princess dresses and dance!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Week In Review

We may win an award for the most posted blogs in any given week, but it is time for my week in review post.

It was a fun week back in routine. I had a great time at school, playing with my friends Will and Luke, at playgroup, and at swim lessons. Next week, I move up to the big girl swim class, and Mommy and Daddy will watch me from behind the one-way window as I swim all by myself (well, all by myself with Miss Shell and my other classmates). I'm so grown up!

Mommy had a lot of fun with our outfits and smiles this week. Click here to enjoy a few pictures.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Favorite Moment of the Week

Mommy says:

My absolute favorite moment of every week comes at the end of the day on Thursday. Like a good obsessive parent, I get to Avery's classroom just slightly earlier than allowed and peek through the window. There's my little lady, rolling around on her nap mat.

Then she sees me. It's this magical moment when I'm reunited with my best little buddy. I get a good squeeze and a "Mommy!" - which is all I could ask for to let me know she's both missed me and that she's had a great, enriching day. I'm either well rested or feeling productive, and ready to re-enter the world where chatter never stops and authority is constantly questioned. She bubbles over with information for me about the day: "Mama, Reese-y fun!" or "Miss Joo-jah hold 'brella." (Huh?) I always say that the lower her pigtails, the more fun I know she's had.

As soon as we get to the car, we call Daddy, who gets to hear all about the school day first hand.

For me, Thursdays at 2 pm are a constant reminder of how blessed we are to have such a lively girl. I get to miss her all day, and then in that moment, I'm rewarded with a slightly tired, but happy toddler. It's one of a million tiny day to day memories that I never want to fade or to take for granted.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Avery's Current Sleep Schedule

Mommy says:

Avery has perfected her insomnia and has put herself on quite the schedule:

In bed by 8:45 pm
Lay awake and sing beautiful (LOUD) songs until 10 or so (last night is was 11 PM!!!)
Awake again between 7 and 8 am

Down for nap between 12:30 and 1:30
Lay awake and sing for about an hour before even considering sleep.

This is NOT the schedule I assumed I'd be keeping with my toddler - more like the schedule I thought I'd be on with Kate. Avery Bean is my little Sleepless Angel!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Delighfully Dull Week

This week has been dull compared to the last month of Christmasing... but we couldn't have enjoyed it more! We had mostly calm days, with a few highlights to the week:

On New Year's Eve, I got to spend the night with Nana and DD and swim in their hot tub. Who knew you could swim all winter, with just the flip of a switch?!?

I also got to go on my 2nd ever Big Girl Date with Mommy and Daddy this week. We saw Bolt at a place called the movie theater. Mama told me all week about it, telling me how the screen would be big and it would be loud and so neat. I remembered something like that - Mr. Adam and Ms. Erin's media room! I told Mama I was ready to go to "Mr. Adam Ms. Erin house."

Well, it wasn't Mr. Adam Ms. Erin house, but the big screen and LOUD noises were so much fun! I loved the 16 oz slushie (I drank it all before Mama got wise) and the popcorn and the gummy bears. Bolt was a fun movie, and during the scary parts, Daddy would hold me close and let me cover my face with my lovey.

This week Nana and DD also got a new puppy - a little 2 pound Shih Tzu named Mitzy. She's the same age as Kate and almost as cute!

Click here for more pictures from the week

Friday, January 2, 2009

A Room Fit For A Princess

The project Mommy dreamed up 8 months ago has finally reached completion (mostly). Here are the pictures of my Princess Reads-a-Lot room:
Pat the Bunny greets you as you enter...

Jillian Jiggs, Snuggle Puppy, and Lilly above the bed

My new bulletin board I got for Xmas, and the rocking chair that will someday be white

DD's masterpieces: Purple Cat, Snuggle Bunny and Trixie, Mouse and his cookie, Click Clack Moo Cows, Tacky the Penguin, the Runaway Bunny, Max, Mommy Hugs elephants, and Koala Lou and her mommy

And Kate's nursery: