Sunday, September 26, 2010

Things I Love

Things I Love by Kitty Bit

1. Shoes! Always have. Won't go anywhere without my Princess heels or boots.

2. Gunkey, Ooh Ooh, and Baby. All three are mandatory for a good night's sleep.

3. Pacis! Yes, I gave mine up a year ago, but I found a stray at Nana's house and suck on it the entire time I'm there.

4. Frogs. Either I love them, or I hate them. But they reduce me to loud squeals, arm flaps, and spinning circles of joy. Or fear.

5. Sometimes snakes. But Mommy says that's an unmentionable. So I guess they aren't officially on my list.

6. Books. Not so much to read, but pulling off the shelves in loud, satisfying thuds and then looking at the pictures. Awesomeness.

7. Babies. Not real ones, they freak me out. But pretend ones. I love those kind.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Daddy Traveling

Daddy started a new job a few months back and, in addition to being exciting and challenging, this new job requires some travel.

A few sure signs that Daddy's traveling has begun:

Avery: "Mommy, last night my dream was about Daddy coming home."
Avery (to Kate): "After tonight is school, and then.... DADDY!"
Avery (to Mommy): "I think it's time to leave Daddy a message on his phone. Again."

Every night, we wrote letters to Daddy to keep him informed of our day's events.

Monday's letter:
Dear Daddy,

The worst part of today was getting shots.

The best part of today was playing with Cole and school. The best part was playing Rapunzel outside. And Cole did something special! He brought the Play-Doh outside and we had it on the bridge part. And we made pizzas. And Rapunzel's was the biggest of all.

I love you! Night night.

Tuesday's letter:
Dear Daddy,

The worst part of my day was when Miss Steph's dog, Sam, terrorized me while I was trying to eat. Also the worst part of my day was when Miss Ella took pictures of me instead of helping me when I was crying. So what if I'm cute? Help a sister out.

The best part of my day was when Mommy told me I was going to go see Nana and DD. "DD!" "Yes, baby, and who else will we see?" "Nana!"

I love you Daddy!
Katie Beth

Wednesday's letter:
Dear "Daddy",

The worst part of today was when the mean geese cornered me and my tiny Kitty for our bread. Luckily, a Hail Mary pass of the bread to Ella saved the day.

The best part of today was when Luke took out the trash and Adam and Ben cleaned the house and did the dishes while the women took their turn discussing the book. Is it possible that at 30 years of age, I still have yet to take out the trash? Yes, it is. :)


Thursday's letter:
Dear Daddy,

The worst part of my week was being trapped on Nana's couch late one night. Nana thought I was with Mommy, Mommy thought I was with Nana, and white kitty thought guarding me as a captive was a good night's work. - Dottie

The best part of my week was commandeering the entire expanse of the bed. With you out of the picture, I am finally free to implement my plan of total bed domination. -Oscar

We missed you, Daddy, and are so glad you're home!
Your gals

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Playing with Babies

Amelia spent the night at Nana and DD's house this weekend and Katie and I went to play with her some.

We tried playing Play-Doh. It wasn't working! Kate stayed at the Play-Doh table with me, but that Amelia - she wasn't staying put! It made me sort of frust-er-ated (which, by the way, is one of my favorite words) so Nana told me that Amelia isn't really old enough to play with Play-Doh like I like to play. She told me that if I wanted us to all play together, I might have to change how I played.

Then Nana told me that it was developmentally appropriate for Amelia to stack things and knock them down. So, I stacked the Play-Doh containers and Amelia knocked them down. Kate played happily at the table with her Play-Doh. At last! We were all playing together and all having a wonderful time.

I guess when you play with babies, you can't just tell them what to do. I guess they aren't like Kate.

Avery "Developmentally Appropriate Play" McClinton

Monday, September 6, 2010

Avery's Prayer

At bedtime last week:

Avery: "God bless Mimi and Gran and Nanny. And God, please let me go to Lockhart again soon, because it's been so long."

Nana: "Well, Avery, I think we could work something..."

Avery (cutting Nana off): "Nana, I was talking to God, not to you."

Well, God used Nana and DD to answer Avery's prayer. This weekend, Kate and Avery had the chance to spend the weekend with Nana, DD, Nanny, Mimi and Gran in Lockhart. From what I heard, the weekend was full of great interaction, lots of spoiling, and some serious swimming.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Kitty Goes to School

On Thursday, we drove to Sister's school. Only, weird thing, we didn't go to a classroom for Sister. We went to a classroom where the lady kept talking to me and the other boys and girls looked like me, not like Sister.

Midway through our time there, Miss Debbie talked about how we were going to come back here. And Mommy must have realized she hadn't informed me that I'd be going to school because she bent down and began telling me about how I was going to school. What? (I heard later that when Avery started back to school, they spent a month talking about it and reading books about it...)

The next day, we dropped Avery off in her car rider line and then Mommy and Daddy walked me in. Mommy says I did better than she thought I would (I whimpered some and cried when they left, but only until Miss Georgianna cuddled with me). Miss Debbie said I really liked classroom time, but when it was time to transition to the playground or music class, I cried a lot. The room is the safest place I know. Don't make me leave here!

Sister saw me on the playground and gave me a good hug. I felt better when I saw her.

And then, after lunch and rest, Mommy, Daddy, and Sister all came to get me! I was thrilled. The rest of the day, I acted the silliest I've ever been. It was just pure relief. You can never be sure - it crossed my mind more than once that maybe, just maybe, my family dropped me off with this colony of crying toddlers and two crazy women who sing everything they say and I was to start a new life there.

No matter who asks me, it always goes like this:
"Katie, did you have fun at school?"
"Do you want to go back to school?"

Mom says not to worry, I'm more resilient than I've ever had to prove before. School will be a blast in no time at all. Right?

Katie Beth School Girl McClinton

Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Birthday, Avery!

(This week is far too big to post about only once - A's birthday, Kitty goes to school, and the normal excitement. So, today - Avery Girl, it's all about you.)

Four years ago this week, Jordan and I became parents. That night, our lives changed in all of the traditional ways: parenting is amazing and indescribable. But Avery came into our world and changed it in other ways, too. That tiny baby wasted no time in opening our eyes to joys in life we'd previously missed. She, as a baby, toddler, and now as a very big pre-schooler, shows us how to take life on full-force, with excitement, resolve, and a good bit of haste.

It's hard to feel nostalgic with Avery; she takes life full steam ahead and we love throwing ourselves wholly into every moment with her. It doesn't leave much time for reflection or missing what used to be - who can slow down and remember Avery as a baby when Avery as a four year old is so much fun?!?

Avery is the life of our never-ending party. She is comfortable in the spotlight and has an advanced sense of humor and the personality to pull off some serious attitude. We love that she is so emotive; her delight is contagious and rewarding. It comes with the other end of the spectrum, too - stubbornness, tears of rage or disappointment at the drop of a hat - but we wouldn't change it if we could. Mold it into a more socially appropriate and respectful way of being presented... yes. But change it... never!

For Avery's birthday, she gathered with her family at Rainforest Cafe. The evening would have been overstimulating for some children - noises everywhere, lots of adult interaction, the limelight, and numerous gifts to open and respond to appropriately... but for our first-born (and the first grandchild on both sides), it was her perfect way to spend a birthday.

Avery Girl,

You have so much of your Daddy's adventurous spirit and so much of your Mommy's zest for life. We're so blessed to take on life with you. You make this ride so much more fun and so much more fulfilling. Here's to many more years of nurturing the best in you!

We love you!