Monday, October 25, 2010

They Get Me!

This weekend, I celebrated two years of life. I'm happy to report that after expressing my desires for two years, my family has figured out what I love.

The attention and main stage is best saved for Avery. I prefer lots of fun, some affection, a little bit of an acknowledgement, and a lot of action.

Things my family realized I love and provided for me on my birthday weekend:
*The Aquarium... with a train ride, carousel, my first trip in the ferris wheel, and a horse-drawn carriage ride in "Rella's" carriage
*The Little Gym!
*A handful of precious friends
*Presents and the chance to yell, "Mine! Mine!" every time Sister looks at them.

It was a wonderful, froggyful weekend. Today when I went in for my Little Gym class, I asked Mommy, "Goggy? Poh-eee?" Mommy promised we could do it all again next year... but for now, it's time to guard - I mean enjoy - my presents.


Katie Beth "Goggy 'Day" McClinton

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Expressing Ourselves

This week, we've been busy making sure we're understood...

Kate (to Avery, on repeat): "Daah Doo, A!" ("I love you, Avery.")

Avery: "Mommy! Daddy! Hurry! Kate is masterly stuck!" (Sure enough, she was.)

Avery (in prayer): "Thank you for everything, thank you for Daddy, and thank you for this blessing I'm praying." (This girl gets that even the capacity to pray is from the Lord.) ;)

It was a super week, with Daddy travelling (and making his return trip a day early!), time with Nana and DD to break up the long, lonely week, a pumpkin pie for Daddy's welcome home present, our Pumpkin Patch visit, Cinco Ranch Homecoming, birthday parties, and butterfly cupcakes!


Avery and Kate "Masterly Expressive" McClinton

Monday, October 11, 2010

Best (Ordinary) Week Ever!

This week was just another ordinary week, except that a few special things made it the best ordinary week of them all.

For one, Daddy was in town! I got a double dose of Daddy this week because he and I had a date to Dad's Night at my school. He got to see what I do all day at class and we painted a frame together.

Then, we got to spend the night at Nana and DD's house this weekend. I was busy having a silly tea party with DD (he makes slurping noises when he sips his tea... I've been counting and can think of 9 reasons that "that DD is crazy"!), but Kate was busy doing her own thing. She has taken after her Daddy and loves all things slimy. She spent a good part of the morning examining a half-salamander that she found.

We also had our Fall Festival at school this week. Amelia and Nana joined us, and we had so much fun! Trains, games, horses, snow cones, a cake walk (that Amelia won!)... what a blast!

We finished up the weekend with a party for Uncle David's birthday and one for Chase's 2nd birthday.

It was a super-special plain-old week and I am so thankful for the time with Daddy and all the family fun.

Avery "Fall Festival Queen" McClinton

Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Obsession (No Surprises Here)

Mommy and Avery keep talking about my Froggy Party that I'm going to have later this month. Avery loves parties and Mommy is glad to have a sidekick who will obsess over ribbon colors with her. Since they talk so much about it, I've figured this thing out.

Every time I hear the words, "birthday", "party", or "froggy", I yell, "Goggy Poh-ee!" For example, when Mommy was telling Avery about Miss Steph's going-away party, it was sort of hard for them to hear each other because I wouldn't stop shouting, "Goggy Poh-ee!" When we called Chase to wish him a Happy Birthday this week, I got so excited and couldn't stop yelling... you guessed it! - "Goggy Poh-ee!"

This week, my outfit for the Goggy Poh-ee came in the mail. Mommy let me try it on, but then she tried to take it back off of me! I was forced to yell and scream and cover the froggy on my shirt gingerly to protect him from Mom. I'd hover in a corner and stroke the froggy on my shirt... it was a valiant battle but I finally lost and Mom separated the Goggy and his Kit.

Sometimes I get shy around people, but lately Mommy and Daddy have found my magic button. If I don't want to talk to someone, all they do is say, "Kate, are you having a party?" No matter how shy I am, it is impossible to resist the chance to yell. "Goggy Poh-ee!"

Kate Goggy-Pohee McClinton

PS - Daddy has taken up my cause and is trying to talk Mommy into letting us get a real, live Goggy. He says if it makes me the happiest kid on earth, how could Mommy say no? That Daddy's got my back!