Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Birthday Jitters

It's my birthday week, which means it's party time!  I love parties, but when I'm going to be the one in the center of all the attention, sometimes I feel a little nervous.

All week I told Mom not to let the people sing "Happy Birthday" to me.  And then, on Sunday, I couldn't eat lunch because I was starting to feel a little nervous about all of the attention people were going to give me at my party that night.

My party finally came, and I love love loved the animals, the pink pony, my outfit, the cupcakes... it was almost a perfect party.  Almost.  Except I looked around Clay's and noticed a bunch of people I didn't know!  I pulled Nana aside and asked her, "Why did Mommy inbite people I don't know?"  I was already a little unsure with some of my friends being there to celebrate me, and the thought of Mommy adding a lot of people to the invite list was just too much!  Mommy came over and explained that those extra people were just at Clay's to eat, but they wouldn't come sing to me or look at me at my party.  I was relieved!

When cake time came, I decided that I would let everyone sing to me and I'd blow out my candles *if* Macy would stand with me and help me.  And you know what...?  It wasn't so bad after all.

I had a super time at my party and it turns out that my Birthday Jitters didn't take any fun away.

Also for my birthday, I got to celebrate in chapel at school and have a family member come eat lunch with me.  No surprise, I picked Nana, although Mom decided to come along as well.  For my actual birthday dinner, we planned to go to the Downtown Aquarium, but Ree Ree came down with strep the day before and wasn't up to a trip.  So instead, I picked any dinner I wanted to eat, any cake I wanted from the bakery, any ice cream from Ritter's, and a hot tub swim!  It wasn't a bad replacement at all, and I felt happy, important, and very loved on my big day.

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Kate Beth, 4 year old!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Party Guest for Hire

This weekend, my Uncle Sean married Aunt Jen.  Avery and I got to be flower girls and Daddy served as Best Man.  Even though Mommy forgot to get us shoes and a hair appointment until the last minute, and even though Mommy got us lost on the way to the chapel and then realized we had to go back home for our dresses, and even though Mommy rushed us in the door 10 minutes before the wedding started, it turned out to be a picture perfect event and we were angelic as flower girls.  

Watching Aunt Jen and her beautiful bridesmaids was special.  Dancing in the garden among the flowers in our fancy dresses was special.  Being with so many family members who love my hugs was special.  But most special of all was the dancing at the reception.

After Aunt Jen and Uncle Sean said "I do", most people wanted to eat and chat for a while, but Avery and I are never slow to use an opportunity to dance!  We spun all around the floor.  We did the Minnie Mouse dance.  We got dipped by Mommy.  

After the cake was cut and the toasts were given, the DJ turned the music up and the lights down and everyone started dancing.  Avery thought the music was too loud and cuddled Aunt Suzy, but I was in my element!  I danced with anyone who would ask me.  I jumped around like a kangaroo, I danced in people's arms, I danced on my own, weaving in and out of groups of people.  The style of music didn't matter to me; I'd tear up the dance floor no matter what was played.  

At 10 pm, the party was winding down and Mom and Dad started packing up.  Although I could barely keep my head upright, I still begged to stay and keep dancing with Aunt Jen and her friends.  I could've danced all night!

It was a beautiful wedding and I'm so glad I got to be a part of it!

Kate Beth, Party Guest for Hire

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

State Fair 2012

Every year we go to the State Fair and every year something makes it unique and special just for that year.  This year, the State Fair served as an experiment in bravery.

All of the cousins started out timid about their relatives... but as the weekend progressed, somehow unfamiliar faces turned into welcoming arms and strong shoulders for carrying, hugging, and sharing.

Kate thought she might be afraid of Big Tex but was also really, really interested in him.   Reese thought she was scared of the animals at the petting zoo, but with a little security from family, she quickly became so brave that she was straining to get into the cages with the animals.  Avery bravely decided to ride a Midway ride for the first time, and at first Kate was sure she wanted to ride too.  She paid her tickets, marched along the ride to the seat she wanted, and then completely shut down.  Waaaay too scary to actually climb onto the ride...!

Other things that made this year special and unique included having the Californians in town, fried Girl Scout Cookies, a hands-on farming experience, meeting the showcase dancers and watching them perform, and a special Sunday visit to the Dallas World Aquarium.

The State Fair of Texas... a Wales Family Tradition!

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What the Toddler Does...

While life swirls around her, Reese keeps busy.  Third child syndrome, distracted parents syndrome, active-stage-of-childhood syndrome... whatever the case may be, Reese is our very busy, very silly toddler baby.

A handful of things Reese does:

-Roughly three times a day, sneaks out the doggie door, climbs the ladder up the fort, and then yells for Mama to come get her down.

-Strolls around the house with her play stroller, collecting things that matter to her: DVDs, shoes, necklaces...

-Ends up naked at most social outings because she manages to spill/pour dirt on herself/eat a marker; and Mama has forgotten a change of clothes... again

-Climbs on the kitchen table scavenging for leftovers several - SEVERAL - times a day

-Points randomly and asks, "What's that?"  Sometimes followed by, "Brroom, brrooom" in case there might've been an airplane

-Steals markers from Sisters' projects and sucks the ink out and bites the tip off

-Hates wearing clothes, LOVES wearing shoes

-Watches Baby Noah on DVD with squeals, giggles, and lots of "What's That?"s

-Waits until her dirty diaper has been removed and then sprints away, giggling and tripping over herself at the sheer joy of the game of chase

-Entertains and delights every last member of her family.  We're all head over heels for this silly, happy, active girl.

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