Monday, August 25, 2008

Adventure Girl

This week I kept busy by hosting playgroup on Tuesday (we got cupcakes to celebrate Hannah's new baby sister and her birthday - all on the same day!), playing with daddy at Focus Group while mommy was at a meeting, hanging out with Nonnie, Bob, and Great-Nonnie, and taking pictures to prepare for my playgroup birthday party (we're all going to celebrate together since our BDs are all within 2 weeks). I had a great week, but the real story is about this weekend!

This weekend, my daddy and I had very different adventures. He went on an adventure race, but this time was different. He was asked to head up the second team and be their team captain, and he and my friend David's daddy, Mr. Jesse, were in charge of navigating and orienteering for the first time ever. Daddy's trip took him to Killeen, where the weather was HOT and the course unforgiving! They did amazingly well, and Daddy made us proud withhis trekking, kayaking, ropes climbing (sort of - see pics), and mountain biking. However, after 13 hours of the 24 hour race, one of Daddy's teammates got really sick from heat exhaustion and dehydration and the team had to make the tough decision not to finish the race. We're so proud of Daddy and how he stepped up even more for this race than ever before! (As a side note, Daddy's "sister" team did really well. Ms. Debbie and Mr. Brian finished the race at 6 am with only 7 check points missing - which is really an incredible race! Go Teams Never Last and Never Fast!)

While Daddy was away at his adventure, I was busy on an adventure of my own. I got to go to my friend Summer's 5 year old Dalmation birthday party (during which we wore adorable costumes but the camera was with Daddy) and show Mommy the ropes at swim class on Saturday (my teacher, Miss Shell, said she'd never heard such big alligator tears when I tried to show Mommy how hard it is to float on my back). My favorite, and most time-consuming activity this weekend was (can you guess???) dancing. I wore several different costumes and demanded Nana and Granddaddy's full participation. It was so much fun that I chose dancing over swimming, playing with my toys, and even eating sometimes! We also tried to take my 2 year old pictures on Saturday, and Mommy brought two changes of clothes, a cake she'd made for the pictures, and even my Tink props, but when we got to the studio, I changed my mind. The Picture People gave me two chances to try to take pics, but I was sure that taking pictures is a form of torture in some countries and never even let them snap one shot. (Luckily, Nana and Granddaddy were there to get a pic with some proof.)

It was an adventurous weekend for Mommy AND for Daddy...

Adventure Girl Avery

Click here for pictures

PS - Last week, my Beloved Pie (pacifier) got a hole in it, and instead of a new one magically appearing as it normally does, I was stuck with the "Froken Pie". I chose not to sleep with it anymore starting on Tuesday and have been adjusting to my last step into big-girl-hood. It has been a LONG week for me, Mommy, and Daddy while we've been dealing with the sorrow of losing such a precious thing, but PRAISE GOD, I slept my normal amount last night and have been acting much more like myself today!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Look What I Can Do!

This week I've been very busy becomming a big girl! I decided one day that I could put my sandals on all by myself, and low and behold, 45 full minutes later, I had fastened one of the straps and was able to walk around in the shoes! I was SO PROUD - I kept saying, "Yook, Ah-ky, yook, Dah-ee. Avery shoes." Oscar and Dottie, of course, were dully impressed. When they wore out as my audience, I then video called my Daddy to show him what I could do! I was so proud that I even called Nana dna Granddaddy's phone and left them a message... "Yook, Nana, Yook, DD. Avery shoe. On!" I'm sure they saw the whole thing in their minds. :)

I enjoyed putting on my own shoes so much that I continues to show off my skill to everyone who came over this week. Then, on Saturday, I was hit with a stroke of genius! If I can put on my own shoes, why not also try my clothes?

Things started off well, with my shorts going on correctly (well, backwards...) Then, I added my shirt. After that, I realized my panties weren't on yet, and that's when the real fun started. Who says you can't put both feet in one hole? I wore the shorts and panties until bedtime, I was so proud. And Mommy and Daddy thought it was so much fun that they let me...
Look at what I can do! (Click for pics)
Avery Dresses Herself McClinton

Monday, August 11, 2008

Week of Princesses

This was a week of princesses.
Case(s) in point:

I drove up with Mommy this week to pick up the dogs from Lockhart. As we pulled into Nanny's driveway, I excitedly yelled, "Nanny's castle!" Of course, the story was the same at Mimi's house. (As a side note, it was a wonderful time in Lockhart. At Nanny's, I immediately remembered to go outside to play, to eat her cookies, and also learned to play with her "soap" (lotion) - I rubbed it all over everyone in the room! At Mimi's, I decided playing with Mimi alone is much more fun and instructed Mommy to go bye bye repeatedly... while playing with rocks, while swinging, while eating snackies... I LOVE my Nanny and Mimi!)

I decided on Thursday night that Elmo panties would NOT do for a princess like me and was forced to throw an enormous fit until the correct (Jasmine) pantires were presented to me.

I've been loving on my Disney princess figurines all week - I like to pull them out of my princess bag, line them up, kiss each of them and hug them, and then replace them in the bag.

My Nana and Granddaddy had to say goodbye to their very own Princess puppy this week after 15 years of loving faithfulness.

I got my Halloween costume (don't try to tell me Tink isn't a princess!), and won't take it off. I've worn it all day for 3 days now! (Even the crown!)

And, my very favorite obsession of the week is my new Disney Princess book. It sings and lights up when you press the buttons, and I've found it is appropriate to read it in the car, at the breakfast table, first thing out of bed, during playtime, before naptime, before nighttime, while at a friend's house... Mommy and Daddy are SO thankful for this little miracle of a book. Special thanks to the sweet soul who found it and bought it for me! :)

Princess Pictures

So, Princesses, here's to you!
Princess Tink Avery