Monday, August 27, 2012

Contrasting Means of Coping with Change

We all cope with change, even good change, in different ways.  Some examples:

Avery, demonstrating the "Fit It All In" Approach:

"What?  There's a week left of summer?!?  Let's fill it!  Fill it!  How many playdates can we get on the calendar?  And do you think we have time to make it back to that awesome pool one more time?  And maybe one more trip to our neighborhood pool?  And maybe we can make cupcakes to take to the teacher?  Oh, and let's campout in the backyard for our very last night of summer!"  

Kate, the "Quiet, Thoughtful... but Accepting" Approach:

At our first playgroup without big sister, after picking out her snack, she stands and looks around with a lost expression on her face.  "Mommy?  Where's Avery?"  Mommy tells her Avery isn't here, but look at all of the friends who are here... "Then, Mommy?  Where do I sit?"  Without her BFF and boss, Kate felt a bit misplaced, but quietly found a spot and life continued without tears.

And on the way home from dropping Avery off on the first day of school, she called out, "Avery, look at...!" and then realized her Avery girl was gone.  Again, no tears, just quiet acceptance.

Reese, the "Let It All Out" Approach:

After Avery was picked up for a big girl playdate with a school friend last week, Reese stood at the door and cried for a good 5 minutes at her sister's absence.

First grade has begun, and it is exciting and natural for Avery girl.  It's easier on Mommy than last year, when everything was new.  And it is very, very good for all three girls: Avery craves the challenges and creativity that school allows her; Kate comes alive with a bit more space to think, talk and play; and Reese gets just a bit more attention when there's one less child around during the day.  Transitions and changes are inevitable, and not half bad, really.

So long, Summer 2012!  Click here for pictures

Friday, August 24, 2012

Clearwater, Florida

Clearwater, Florida, as told by Avery:

"We saw Winter the Dolphin and we stayed in a really nice hotel.  I liked the sand also, it was so soft.  I got to touch one of Winter's tails.  We rode on a trolley.  We found lots of shells."

Clearwater, Florida, by Kate (who wanted to actually type hers rather than dictate it):

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"Dear Winter,

I love you and it is so wonderful to play with you.  I love how wonderful your life is.  To go to see you was fun.  I love when we swimmed inside a salt water pool - how fun was that?  Very fun!

Love, Kate"

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


This weekend we traveled to Dallas to visit Hannah and Abigail's Maw Maw and Poppy's house and to get in a little (um... 6 hours of) boating.

Blessed.  That's the word that kept rolling around in my head this weekend.

Blessed to have friends we love like family.
Blessed to be out on the lake, enjoying great weather, super fun tubing, and each other.

Blessed to have the chance to play all weekend.
Blessed to be treated so well by our hosts and hostesses.


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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Glorious Days of Summer

Ahhhh... summer.  Staying up late, taking life at our own pace, sleeping in (by about 20 minutes... but you know...), trips and swimming.

The glorious days of summer stand out as special this year more than any other because we're on legitimate summer break for the first time ever.  After 9 months of homework, early bedtimes, and getting to school before the tardy bell, we are best able to appreciate the pace of life that summer allows us.

Some days we pack full of activity.  But no worries; if we're tired the next day, no one's grades or conduct will suffer.  Some nights we stay up way past our usual bedtime.  Some days we take life super slow and hang out at home.  The beauty of summer is in the flexibility.  And the togetherness.

First grade is coming for us, but not before we squeeze a lot more summer out of these last few weeks.   Summer is glorious, and we're going to use up every last bit of it while we can!

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ebiz Takes Galveston

Daddy, DD, and Aunt Amanda all work for EBUSINESS STRATEGIES, and one of my favorite parts of the company, besides Daddy working from home, is the family retreat every summer.

This year we headed to Galveston and Moody Gardens.  It was incredible.  While the employees worked all day, we saw penguins, seals, swam, hit the water park, ate like royalty, and made new company friends.  We wanted to revisit Palm Beach Water Park and the Aquarium both with Daddy, but we only had time for one thing, and the Aquarium won.  It was our favorite because Avery fell in love with the seals and decided she'd like one for her birthday.  Reese loved the penguins.  Nana couldn't figure out what I loved most of all, but I told her: it's because the penguins and the seals were both the best of all!

EBIZ company retreat 2012... what's not to love?!?

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Love, Kate