Monday, June 28, 2010

Guess Who is a Big Girl Now?


A few weeks ago, I climbed out of my crib. It wasn't so fun and I haven't done it since, but it got Mommy and Daddy thinking.

We're going on vacation next month and Mommy says she doesn't want to mess with a Pack & Play. Daddy remembered that Sister was about my age when she moved to a big girl bed... and voila! I'm in a big girl bed now, too!

Yesterday, Baby Amelia needed the crib at Nana and DD's house at naptime. No problem, Baby Amelia. I'm a big girl, and I can sleep in a big bed with my Daddy.

And when we got home, Daddy took the front off of my crib and all that was left is a big girl bed. I had so much fun climbing in and out of it and collecting babies and laying them in bed. But once the lights were turned out, I stayed in my bed (except for one small bump in the night when I rolled out and onto the pillows below). This morning, Mommy and Daddy knew I was awake, but it wasn't until they came up to get me that I got out of my bed.

I love being a big girl!

CLICK HERE FOR PICTURES OF THE WEEK (including an almost-spend-the-night at Miss Ella's, Nana and DD's return from vacation, and DD's Father's Day cake, decorated entirely by Chef Avery.)

Katie Beth "My Own Big Bed" McClinton

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day with My Daddy!

Father's Day with my Daddy is always so special. This year, I decided that for his present, I would make him a cookie cake with a guitar on it, since he loves guitars so much. I came up with the idea all by myself and Mommy told me it was inspired. I helped with cooking the cake (Kate helped by licking all of the sugar off of the counter as I spilled it), and then - for the first time ever! - I got to try my hand at decorating with icing. Mommy made the guitar and one heart, but I did all of the rest. I was so proud and Daddy says it is a perfect cake!

One of my favorite Father's Day traditions is picking blueberries with Daddy, Uncle David, and the family. After three years of practice, this year I got it! I was filling up my basket while Kate filled up her mouth. It didn't take her long to learn the blue ones taste better than the pink ones... and then there was no stopping her!

After church on Sunday, we got to go play at a lake together for more Father's Day fun. Being with my Daddy, splashing and sliding, was so much fun!

Father's Day was a really special day for me AND my daddy!

Avery "My Daddy is the Best!" McClinton

Monday, June 14, 2010

"I Smile Because You Are My Mother..."

"...I laugh because there's nothing you can do about it."

That's what a pillow says that Nana helped me buy for Mommy. And this week, was it ever true!

Katie Beth and I have been really busy thinking of creative ways to try to make Mommy crazy. It's not easy, but when we work as a team, we're pretty effective. Just this week alone, here are some things we are proud to say we've accomplished:

General, around the house:
*Disconnect Daddy's Wii and leave the pieces laying about the living room floor (Katie Beth)
*Create a beautiful glued art project on the back of a professional 8X10 school picture (me)
*While Mommy is cleaning those two messes, head upstairs and dig old shampoo bottles out of the trash can. Use new shampoo and lots of water to mix in the old bottles. Pour bubbles all over the sink and floor. (me)
*Cover head in an entire bottle of baby powder (me again)
*Wait until Daddy heads downtown for a meeting and Mommy is stranded alone... then throw up. (Yep... me again)

While Shopping (This set of events took a good bit of teamwork and coordination. We're quite proud of the results, though):
*Spill bags of coffee beans all over the aisle (me)
*While Mommy is cleaning up the coffee bean bags, hold on to the side of the cart and do a forward roll out of it, dangling and screaming from the edge. (Katie Beth)
*Take Mommy's credit card out of her wallet and hide it in the DVD player. But do it quietly so she doesn't notice until she is trying to pay at the grocery store. (Katie Beth)
*While Mommy is moving her groceries over so she can pay with a check, find chewed gum under the conveyor belt. Peel it off and use it as silly putty. (me)

During naptime (Surprise! These are all me!)
*Choose not to flush the potty. When asked why: "Because I didn't want you to know that I wasn't taking a nap."
*Climb the dresser in my room. Use the shelves as a ladder. Get things off of the top of the dresser.
*Climb the dresser in my closet. Narrowly escape as it falls forward. Cry and wonder why Mommy and Daddy are so upset.
*Unplug and plug in electrical devices: my night light, my noisemaker... anything I can find.

Mommy and Daddy know that Katie Beth and I are just creative spirits looking for ways to explore and understand the world. But Mommy and Daddy haven't forgotten that Curiosity Killed the Cat!

Avery "Creative and Curious" McClinton

Monday, June 7, 2010

One Fish, Two Fish...

Sister has always loved the water. And I mean LOVED the water. By the end of last summer, she was swimming as much as she was on dry land and after only a week back in the water this year, she's a regular dolphin again.

I wasn't so sure about the water. We've been swimming for about a month now, and for the most part, I've been happy watching, playing in the sand table, or eating poolside.

But this week, something happened! Our friend Seth had a pool party and the pool we were at had an extra long step (Mommy says, 'tanning ledge'). I could stand on the ledge and jump into the water to Mommy! It wasn't as far of a jump to get to the water and didn't take as much courage as going from the edge of the pool to the water does. I was hooked!

In a matter of minutes, Mommy went from having one fish in the family to having two fish. I get it now! Ever since Tuesday, I've been drawn to the water like it has some sort of magical spell over me. (Of course, since I'm Kate, it takes me a few minutes to warm up to anything. But instead of an hour to warm up, now it's more like 10 minutes.)

Nana and DD say I'm at the "dangerous" stage because I run to the pool without any fear of the water nor skill of what to do while I'm in there. Luckily, they knew this was coming and I'm already enrolled in swim lessons.

Either way, it doesn't matter to me... as long as I can get more pool time!

Katie Beth "Two Fish" McClinton