Sunday, September 27, 2009

Nana and DD's House

This week, I got to spend some time at Nana and DD's house while Mommy and Daddy had their date night. While I was there, I was busy, busy. I practiced my demi "pwea-As" (pleas) and tried to get Kate to eat at the tea party correctly. She is so naughty! She eats the cardboard and throws the food on the floor. I tried to talk DD into a swim in the pool first thing in the morning, but settled for a wagon ride instead.
I didn't sleep much, though. When Kate cried very late one night and I met Nana in the hallway to check on her, DD jokingly said, "Well, why don't we all go downstairs and watch some TV since we're all awake?" I took his hand, smiled, and said, "That sounds wike a good idea. I haven't been downstairs in a while."
I also got to eat my first ever Dairy Queen treat - a chocolate covered ice cream cone. Yum!

Avery Busy, Busy McClinton


PS - I also helped Daddy run some errands, and when a car pulled out in front of him, he mumbled something to them. Later on, I helped him out! Another car did the same thing, and I yelled, "Come on, Midions!" Daddy thinks I heard him call the other car idiots. Sorry for telling on you, Daddy! :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Park Day and Date Night

I took Sister to the park on Friday. She usually can't get down at the park because she likes to eat the mulch or rocks. But at Mary Jo Peckham, there isn't anything for her to eat! She got to crawl around, and I think the park is her new wonderland. She climbed the structures, slid down the slides, and squealed with delight the entire time. I got so excited watching her, I sometimes would slide down right on top of her. It was magnificent (that's a fancy word for fun).

Friday night I got to have my date night with Mommy and Daddy. We started with shrimp with Nana and DD and Katie. Daddy taught me a new trick with oranges and lemons. Then, off we went to Katy Mills so I could spend all of the coins in my Tink bank. Mommy and Daddy said this month's date was a 'cheap' date, but I couldn't believe all the fun you can have with $15 in coins! I rode the carousel and the train, put a bunch of pennies down the well, and hung out at Bass Pro Shop. When my date was over, though, I had to tell DD, "This was so sad of a night." Some of the coin operated machines weren't working, and the little claw game was too hard to win, and the ice cream shop we tried to go to wasn't open. Mommy had a long talk with me after that about focusing on the good parts of life. I just call it like I see it.


Avery Call It Like It Is McClinton

PS - Kate's new tricks this week:
"Ooo, Ooo" (what a dog says - it really sounds sort of like a bark. A girl dog bark.)
Climbing down stairs
Biting friends (oh, right, that's an old trick. She's just honing those skills.)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Important Things

So many important things have been going on in the last few weeks!

I started school on my birthday. I go two days a week now instead of just one like last year. I walk into the building with my friends and my teacher instead of having Mommy drop me off. I act like it's no big thing. I'm so lucky because I have my friends Hannah and Jackson in my class. I really like my teachers, Ms. Michelle and Ms. Barbara, and I love playing playdough and motor skills and a new place called chapel. Some days, I tell Mama some things about my day, but other times, I just tell her, "I don't want to tell you anything about it." And that's that.

For my birthday, I got to start going to dance lessons at Adamsons Ballet School. I went for the first time this week, and at first I had to make sure everyone noticed me by crying and carrying on. Once I started participating, though, I loved every second of it, and the first thing I said to Mommy when time was up was, "Can I please come back here again soon?" The only thing I wondered about was that Mommy told me I'd get to dance like So You Think You Can Dance and I didn't notice a stage at all. I asked Mommy where the stage was, and she promised me I'll dance on one in May!

Katie Beth is also growing really fast. Well, maybe not growing, as in gaining weight, but changing and learning, for sure. She learned how to stand all by herself lately, and then started taking a few steps (usually 3-5 at a time). She likes to sit in a big girl chair with me when she eats, too. She's also talking more, saying, "Wah-whoo?!" while she holds a phone to her ear, calling for Mama and Dada and DD and even sometimes flirting with Nana and calling her name.

We also went to lots more parties, fought off a cold, visited with Aunts and Uncles and the all important cousin, and swam a few last times.

And you know, now that I'm three, I've got this whole thing figured out.

For one, Daddy is really good at pancakes. And reminding Mommy of this when she's struggling to turn one over is known as perfect timing.
Daddy also has really big muscles. He uses them to carry heavy furniture, replace batteries, fix computers, and all sorts of other things.
My mommy, she's good at "wearing necklaces and cleaning tables". And, according to me, not much else. (But Mommy knows we're BFFs no matter what I say.)

Lots to say this week! Lots going on!
Dancing Queen Avery

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Princess Party!

On Friday I celebrated my birthday with my friends with a Princess Party. DD built me a castle and Daddy painted a puppet theater for me, Aunt Megan painted faces, and there were lots of other stations, too. My friends and I all dressed up and we played and played. Miss Ella brought my cake and it was spectacular - 3 tiers!

It was such a special day. And, of course, I added my own attitude... On the way to the party, I told Nana I wouldn't have time for her. "My friends will be wined (lined) up to see me," I explained. Afterwards, when Nana tried to hold my hand on the way home, I told her, "Nana, I have to tell you something. When you having a birthday... I too old to hold your hand." Of course, the next day, when Nana asked me again why I couldn't hold her hand, I grinned, grabbed her hand, and told her, "I still learning to be older."

Avery Learning to Be Older McClinton