Saturday, November 1, 2014

Kate's 6th Birthday

Things I'll Always Remember About My Birthday Week:

-Mommy brought me a cookie cake at recess
-Nana brought me Chick-fil-A at lunch at school.  Nana gave me a birthday crown.
-I got to be on Birthday Book Club.  I picked out a book for the library and I told the school that I turned six when I was on tv (on the morning announcements).
-At night, we picked out my cake at HEB.  I looked at all the
cakes and picked a chocolate cake that looked like a pumpkin.  I wanted Chick-fil-A again and since it was my birthday, I got it!
-On Saturday, we went to The Storybook Cottage.  First we looked at the dresses and I picked the dress I wanted.  I picked it because I liked the color.
-Then we painted our nails and we got to pick out pretty tiaras and I got one that said "Happy Birthday!" and I got to wear a pretty bracelet.
-We had a fashion show.  I felt shy but I had fun.
-Then had a tea party and made a cupcake.  It was yummy.
-We made a picture frame.  I sat by Lana and Allie and then we opened up presents.

My friends liked dressing up and eating cupcakes.  I liked having all of my friends there because they play with me.

Click here for pictures of the week

Love, Kate

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