Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Halloween 2014

For several years now, Kate has wanted to be Jasmine for Halloween...but each time we tried on a Jasmine costume, it was waaaaaay too itchy.  Last year, we even purchased a Jasmine costume and then st the last minute, Kate chose something from her dress up clothes because she just could not wear that itchy thing!
Well, this year, she thought ahead.  She picked the least itchy Jasmine costume out there and we got a leotard to wear under her outfit for extra security.  And it worked!  

Reese's costume journey was equally emotionally weighty.  She told Nana for several weeks that she was going to be "that doll like Kate has that has white hair".  After a while, we finally realized that she was talking about LaLaLoopsy... but once we bought a LaLaLoopsy costume - she changed her mind.  She wanted to go pick out her very own costume, so Nana took her shopping one day.  Although there were many costumes that I thought she might connect with, she had her own idea: she was sure she wanted Rapunzel... mostly because of the wig.  Although the movie isn't one she particularly loved, she was certainly in love with the Rapunzel costume.

From day one, Avery knew what she wanted to be for Halloween: a Native American, but certainly NOT Pocahontas.  She did not want to be confused for a princess since her sisters were both Disney Princesses.  

In the end, each girl got what she had dreamed of for Halloween, complete with flowing wigs that absolutely made the costumes what they were.  

We trick or treated with our neighbor friends.  Avery went with her girlfriend ahead of the crowd and had a blast... they skipped lots of houses and went to the ones that looked most fun.  Kate was determined and focused.  She knocked on every door without skipping any houses.  She was proud and overflowed with candy at the end of the night.  Reese decided that the house decorations that she had loved all month were super scary.  Her daddy took her home and let her hand out candy to trick or treaters and that was the absolute best answer for her.  She owned that job and had a blast all night.

Three girls with three beautiful personalities... all with their own Halloween experiences!

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