Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Mario Bonding

Towards the end of the day recently, Jordan came into our room with great purpose and told me, "Well, it finally happened.  All of my years of practice as a child, and all of the parenting we've done up until this moment... it all came full circle today when I dropped the girls off at school.  When she was getting out of the car, Avery asked me, 'Daddy, when I get home today, will you help me beat level 2 in Super Mario B

They spent the afternoon playing Super Mario, making lists of characters, and even creating a cartoon about Mario and Luigi.

We're all so thankful for the years of practice Jordan put in so that he and Avery could bond over turtles, koopa troopas, and Bones.  Like father, like daughter!

Click here for pictures of the week

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